Could Gaza be the Independent Palestinian State?


Following the exchange of thousand Palestinian prisoners for a single israeli abducted soldier, Israeli-Palestinian relations do not seem to go in a positive direction.

Israel’s willingness to repeatedly exchange thousands of Palestinian prisoners, legally accused, sentenced and incarcerated with several lifelong terms, against single or even deceased soldiers, is giving clear signals to future abductions as a modus operandi by Islamic terrorists. Escalating violence between Israel and the palestinian authority is almost inevitable, resulting from deliberate actions by the Palestinian side or in reaction to provocations of Jewish extremists. Should such clashes get out of control, it will become inevitable that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will have to intervene and then an armed engagement with the Palestinian police might not be far away, probably inflaming the entire region.

However, in his recent post, David Eshel points at another way, one, which could be regarded utopian by many skeptics with only doomsday scenarios in their future perception. Such plan could concern a “different Gaza”, which seems already in the making, In fact, while Mr Abbas seeks a virtual state at the UN, Hamas already controls a real one. (David Eshel’s Blog)


  1. The Israeli government made a bad deal and they know it.
    The only reason Netanyahu agreed to distract public attention from the social justice campaigns which had been going on and taken Netanyahu from first place in the polls to third and Labor from third place to first.
    Socialism is growing in popularity and Netnyahu’s Likud is the party of business.

    Netanyahu is probably hoping he can go into an election as the man who brought Gilad home so he is the man to vote for even if he isn’t a socialist.

    The idea of Gaza being a palestinian state, rediculous.
    The palestinians will never accept the idea, the Arab & Muslim world will never accept it, the US & Europe will never accept it and neither will Israel’s leftists who want a fair deal for the palestinians.

    Right now the Palestinian leadership don’t want to negotiate and some members of Netanyahu’s coalition are from the hard right so the current stalemate isn’t going to end anytime soon.

  2. The disengagement policy and hermetically sealing the border does not make Gaza a state. Regardless of a peace deal with the PA or Fatah/Hamas reconciliation.

    Until Hamas change the charter they will be isolated and separate from the West Bank, if they change the charter or fall. Then the tunnel will be built between Gaza and the West Bank. But it will not be a terror highway from Gaza Strip to the West Bank. Gaza will be independent in that Israel will build infrastructure so they can hand over responsibility to the UN or EU.

    For a start at some stage Israel is going to build it own moat/canal on the border between Egypt and Israel. This will isolate the land route for smuggling, second an island will be built off Gaza which will be the port and access point to Gaza. Once again the UN/NATO will have security responsibility. The tunnel is on Israeli land, Israel paid and built it, they own it. The Palestinians can use it, we may put a toll, like a toll road, climate change.

    If the security situation changes it can be shut, it will be shut. Example rockets from Gaza then the tunnel is closed, for a period of time. The West Bank as most of the land and thus most of the industry and thus the jobs. So if Hamas fires a rocket then people cannot go to work for 24 hours up to a month, trade cannot get to the island port for export etc.

    The issue is how to prevent the West Bank becoming a rocket launching site, as both Gaza, Southern Lebanon have become. As Netanyahu has publicly stated Israel wants to lease land a long term contract similar to Hong Kong, Jerusalem. For every rocket fired a year will be added to that contract. 100 rockets 100 years. If peace is sustained at the end of the contract East Jerusalem would be handed over.

    So between the land lease and the tunnel overtime, the rocket fire will stop, as it is ineffective Iron Dome, Magic Wand and sanctions are imposed, time on the contract and the tunnel closed.

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