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Unmanned Systems (UAV)
Persistent Surveillance

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OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM - Maintenance workers perform last minute preflight checks on an RQ-1 Predator before a mission at a forward-deployed location. The Department of Defense's Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Roadmap provides a defensewide vision for UAVs and related technology. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Jeremy T. Lock)
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS, formerly known as UAVs) are being integrated in all levels of military operations offering unprecedented intelligence collection capabilities and "battlefield transparency". From small and autonomous Special Forces units, through army battalions, brigades, divisions and corps, to joint services theater operations centers UAS provide a wide range of combat support services. Missions include reconnaissance and intelligence missions categorized by performance classes. These include strategic high altitude long endurance platforms (HALE), medium altitude extended range systems (MALE), Short Range UAVs also called Tactical UAVs (TUAV) and small sized systems (Mini UAVs).

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  Updated: 11/01/2006

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