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Turkey Takes Delivery of IAI Harpy Killer Drones

Turkey has recently received the IAI/MBT Harpy killer drone, following a procurement contract awarded (but not publicized) back in 1999. Turkey is currently planning to increase the capabilities of some 100 harpies now in service, with more flexible employment of "hunter / killer" drones, such as the Cutlass

Harpy was designed as a loitering attack UAV that is used for attacking and suppressing enemy radars, associated with enemy air defense systems. Utilizing a ‘Fire-and-Forget’ all-weather, day/night autonomous attack capability, Harpy is launched from a ground vehicle against targets that can be hundreds of kilometers away. Harpy is currently operational with the Turkish, Korean, Chinese and Indian Armies, in addition to the Israel Air Force. In December 2004 China was reported to be interested in an upgrade of its systems to a more advanced version.


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  Updated: 12/22/2004


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