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Upgraded Su-25KM Proposed by Elbit, TAM


Elbit and TAM, the original manufacturer of Sukhoi Su-25KM from Georgia, have teamed to offer a modernized version of the Su-25KM named Scorpion. The companies are offering the aircraft as an upgrading package for over 800 aircraft currently in operational service, or as a new aircraft, based on the production line retained by TAM at Tiblisi, Georgia. The aircraft that was first displayed in Paris Airshow last year, and it is returning to Farnborough as a more mature configuration, based on the flight testing program that already accumulated over 50 test and demonstration flights.

The modernization is focused on "westernization" of the close-air-support aircraft, through the replacement of older, Russian made avionics, with modern digital systems. This process resulted in the saving of some 700lbs weight, which can be used to store more fuel (converted to an additional operational radius of 450 km).

The modernized aircraft retains its original capabilities, and is fully IACO and NATO compliant, with the presentation of metric and English units, operability with Eastern and western navigation systems and weapons, including laser guided weapons, which were not supported by the original aircraft. The original Su-25 had a limited navigation capability, but the modernized Scorpion uses an advanced weapons delivery and navigation system, utilizing inertial and GPS navigation systems, digital weapons control bus, “glass cockpit” and head up display, or helmet mounted sight, to provide accurate attack at all weather, day and night. The cockpit is dominated by the large color multifunction-display panels, used for displaying of flight data and the tactical display, based on the moving map system. The tactical display can show a comprehensive situational awareness diagrams, overlaid on the digital map The aircraft also supports night flying with head mounted goggles. Elbit and TAM are developing a comprehensive training package for the Su-25KM, with a twin-seater aircraft modification, a flight simulator, mission planning and debriefing system.


  • Maximum speed (sea level): 1,000 KM/H
  • Operational radius: 650 km
  • Endurance: 2 hours
  • Takeoff distance: 550 m'
  • Landing distance: 650 m'
  • Service ceiling: 7,000 m'
  • Empty weight: 13,000 kg
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 17,350 kg
  • Maximum G load: 6.5





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  Updated: 11/28/2004


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