Newscast: June 12, 2007

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  • Possible joint Russian US anti-missile Defense in Azerbaijan?
    President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia put forth a counter-offer today to President Bush’s proposed missile defense plan, suggesting that instead of building radar defenses in the Czech Republic, the United States should use an existing system in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan. With the dispute flaring in recent days into Cold War-style rhetoric and threats from Moscow, Putin's proposal to put the system in Azerbaijan came as a surprise.

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Elbit Systems Introduces a New MALE UAV - Hermes 900

Addressing the growing demand for tactical, medium altitude long endurance (MALE) UAV platforms, Elbit Systems is unveiling a new 'mid-size' platform called Hermes 900. Positioned between the successful Hermes 450 and the long endurance Hermes 1500 twin engine craft, the new Hermes 900 will weigh 970 kg (Maximum takeoff weight) and a wingspan of 15 meters. While offering all Hermes 450 capabilities, the new aircraft features larger multi-payload configurations (up to 300 kg), higher flight altitude and extended flight time without the need for external fuel tanks.

Category -1 (4x4) MRAP Image Released

Xilinx to Harden Virtex-5 Microchip Series against Radiation Effects

The US Air Force is funding the radiation hardening of modular integrated circuits produced by Xilinx Inc. these radiation hardened components will contribute to simpler, more robust electronic applications in missiles and spacecraft. Xilinx is expected to complete the development by 2010. The hardening process will be extensible to future FPGA technology generations.

Royal Navy Launches Latest Attack Submarine - Astute

The Royal Navy's newest attack submarine, Astute, was launched last week (June 8, 2007) by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall at the BAE Systems shipyard in Barrow in Furness, Cumbria. Astute is the first nuclear attack submarine to be launched in the UK for almost a decade. Far bigger and more potent than the current class submarines, the 7,400 tons, 100 meter long sub weighs about 2,000 more than the current Trafalgar class submarines. Astute is expected to begin sea trials in March 2008, and is expected to enter service with the Royal Navy in 2009. It will be based in Scotland. Astute is the first vessel of four in the Astute class. The other three are AMBUSH, ARTFUL and AUDACIOUS.

Northrop Grumman Awarded Conventional Global Strike Study

Northrop Grumman Space and Mission Systems Corp. is studying the feasibility of global strike conventional missile based on a Minotaur launch vehicle designed to dispense BLU-198B/B sensor fused weapons at targets, at global range in less than one hour flight time. The program is managed by the US Air Force's Space and Missile Systems Center.

Ceradyne Introduces the Armored Bull

Ceradyne, Inc. (Nasdaq:CRDN) is introducing an armored vehicle called BULL, designed to complement the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle currently produced for the US Marine Corps and Army. The BULL is based on a commercial chassis and uses an armor suite providing superior protection from all types of IEDs.

British MOD Awards GMLRS Contracts

The U.K. Ministry of Defence (MoD) awarded Lockheed Martin three contracts for the delivery of Guided MLRS systems. The contracts are part of an incremental, multi-year acquisition program worth more than £250 million. The current contracts include rockets, upgrade kits, spares and support, including 12 MLRS M270B1 launcher upgrades and Guided Unitary rockets. The first new launchers have been delivered and training and testing of the new system and rockets is under way in the U.K. and U.S., respectively. Similar units have been in operation with the U.S. Army since 2002.

More ScanEagle Hours to Support Australian Troops in Afghanistan

Boeing Australia Limited has been awarded a AUD$20 million contract to support Australian units deployed in Afghanistan, with surveillance and reconnaissance services, provided by the company's ScanEagle Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for a period of six months. According to a Boeing Australia announcement, the level of ScanEagle services to be provided will be at a significantly higher operational tempo those currently being provided for the Army's Overwatch Battle Group in Iraq, where a similar service was launched in November 2006.

FInland's F/A-18s to be Equipped with Aim-9X All-Aspect Sidewinders

Finland is planning to equip its F/A-18 aircraft with Raytheon's AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles. The 100 missiles acquisition will cost about $56 million.

Hermes-450 UAVs to Fill ISTAR Gap Untill the Watchkeeper Arrival

UAV Tactical Systems Ltd. (U-TacS), a UK based joint venture between Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ:ESLT) and Thales UK, has been awarded a contract worth approximately $110 million by Thales UK deliver a Hermes 450 UAV unit to provide an urgent intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) support for the UK Armed Forces. The program will commence immediately and will take place over the next few years. The contract includes training of the UK MoD staff in use and maintenance of the system, and the provision of contractor logistic support (CLS) and program management services. Hermes 450 will be used supplemented by the Watchkeeper UAV system, as it becomes operational around 2010. Spain recently selected another Israeli UAV, the Searcher, to support its forces in their planned deployment to Afghanistan.



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