BAE Systems Introduces on Aluminum based Counter-RPG Armor

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BAE Systems developed a lightweight, modular bar-armor system designed to protect armored vehicles from attack by RPGs. The new armor was developed in response to increased threats from rocket-propelled grenades in Iraq and Afghanistan. The armor is constructed as a kit composed of an aluminum alloy that provides 'statistical protection' against RPGs without compromising the operational capabilities of the vehicle.

BAE Systems' LROD rocket-propelled grenade protection kit appears on an RG31 vehicle. (Photo: BAE Systems)
The LORD kit weighs less than half of comparable steel designs (slat armor). The new armor withstood more than 50 live-fire tests conducted by the US Army, under the validation phase. The field repairable kit is applied by bolts, without welding or cutting.

Two LORD shipsets were delivered to the US Army for installation on RG-31 and RG31A1 vehicles. The Army has expressed interest in procuring additional kits for the entire RG31 and RG31A1 fleet. It also is a candidate for use on the DoD's mine-resistant, ambush-protected family of vehicles. LORD is already installed on more than 100 Buffalo vehicles. BAE Systems is designing LROD kits for other combat vehicles, including the RG-33, Light Armored Vehicle BV-206 and Amphibious Assault Vehicles. The armor can also be applied to protect small boats.



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