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Thales introduce Artemis, passive sensor staring arrays for FREMM frigates.

Second Failure for a Russian
SS-NX-30 Bulava SLBM

Raytheon begins flight testing of
a new air-launched decoy

DRS to Equip M1117s with Knight Target Acquisition kits

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Defense Update - October 26th, 2006

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Upcoming events October:

23-27 / EuroNaval 2006 exhibition, Paris, France
30-31 / UV North America, Washington DC, USA
30-31 / Urban Operations conference, London UK
31 / Night Vision conference, London UK

Upcoming events: November:
31/10 - 5/11 Airshow China 2006 exhibition, Zuhai, China
1 - 2 / Night Vision (London, UK)
4 - 5 / Heli-Power (London, UK)
8 - 9 / Coastal Surveillance (Singapore)
8 - 9 / Land Systems - Digitized Battlespace (London, UK)

13 - 15 / Light Armored Vehicles, (Arlington, VA. USA)

13 - 15 / Unmanned Vehicles (Pretoria, South Africa)
14 / US Air Force Defense Industry Day (Washington, DC, USA)
15 - 17 / Combat ID Europe (Brussels, Belgium)
20 - 24 / IDEAS - 2006 (Karachi, Pakistan)
20 - 24 / Indo Defense 2006 (Jakarta, Indonesia)
27 - 28 / Future UAV (London, UK)
31/11 - 1/12 Exponaval (Valparaiso, Chile)
27 - 30 / Defense Logistics (Washington DC, USA)
29/11 - 1/12 Helicon 2006 Huntsville, AL USA
29/11 - 1/12 Intelligence Analysis & Processing, Washington DC

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Second Failure for a Russian SS-NX-30 Bulava SLBM

Russia officially confirmed today the failure of a recent test of the latest Russian R-30 Bulava M (Nato code name SS-NX-30) submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM).The missile was launched from the Dmitry Donskoi, a Typhoon nuclear powered missile submarine. After lifting off from the submerged sub, the missile's rocket motor ignited but shortly after the missile veered off its planned course and exploded over the naval test range in near the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Far East. A previous missile failed last September, as the missile missed its target after being launched from the same submarine. Two other tests, held in September and December 2005 were successful.

Thales Develop Passive IRST for France's FREMM Frigates

Thales introduced at Euronaval 2006 Artemis and Gatekeeper, two members of a new family of staring, passive infra-red search and track (IRST) sensors designed for new generation Anti-Air Warfare frigates. Armaris, the prime contractor of the Franco-Italian multi-role frigate (FREMM) program contracted Thales to develop and equip the Artemis for the 17 FREMMs to be produced for the French Navy. The systems are integrated and complement existing sensor suites, such as radar and ESM, and are fully interoperable with on-board electronic warfare and self protection systems to provide a balanced sensor suite.

Army to get 51 Remote Video Terminals Within a Year

The U.S. Army is buying a first batch of One System Remote Video Terminals (OSRVTs) and 38 extended- range antennas to enable field users receiving real-time imagery directly from nearby UAVs. AAI Corporation will supply the Army with 51 systems and 38 extended range antennas at a cost of US$3.9 million. The systems are based on the Rover III operated by the USAF.

DRS to Equip M1117s with Knight Target Acquisition kits

DRS Technologies, Inc. will equip 64 M1117 Armored artillery target acquisition vehicles with 60 M707 Knight precision targeting system kits. The value of the kits is US$12 million. DRS is the prime contractor for teh Knight program.

Bundeswehr to Restructure for International Deployment

Germany announced today a restructuring of its military, the most radical since 1945, turning the Bundeswehr into an international intervention force. According to the new strategy, Germany’s will abandon its primary postwar task of defending the country’s borders from potential Russian aggression, in favor of a more robust role for German troops on international missions. Germany assumed a growing responsibility in recent peacekeeping operations, deploying forces Afghanistan, Kosovo and Lebanon but has largely avoided direct involvement in war zones. Germany is also a major contributor to NATO's rapid reaction forces. Under the new strategy, the German Army will be expanded to allow for the deployment of a total of 14,000 troops to five international missions simultaneously. This will be achieved by drawing troops previously deployed on national defense into units involved in staffing or supporting overseas missions. The Bundeswehr currently has about 250,000 military personnel, including about 50,000 conscripts. About 9,000 troops are currently overseas in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Congo and elsewhere. (see the original Financial Times article)

 Study Predicts Decline in European Helicopter Market

The European military helicopter market is set to dwindle in size over the next ten years, but will still remain relatively large, and is valued at nearly US$26 billion between 2006 and 2015. According to a Frost & Sullivan report published this week, the market is currently at its peak, with major programs including NH90, Tiger and EH101 in production. With the completion of these projects, the market will return to a more 'normal' level as the decade progresses.

Army Aviation to get Additional Missile warning Systems

BAE Systems has received an additional funding increment of $95.6 million from the U.S. Army for its Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) to protect Army fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft from heat-seeking missiles. The order is part of a five yearUS$1.4 billion procurement plan announced in May 2006. To date more than 600 CMWS systems have been delivered to the Army.

Raytheon Begins MALD Flight Testing

Raytheon demonstrated initial flight tests of the ADM-160B Miniature Air Launched Decoy (MALD) vehicles. During the tests, MALD demonstrated successful separation performance when launched from an Air Force F-16 aircraft. MALD is a turbojet-powered advanced decoy, configured as a swing-wing missile that can be launched from an F-16 or B-52 bomber. After launching, MALD flies a pre-programmed flight path into hostile air space to stimulate enemy air defenses, presenting itself to enemy radar as a real aircraft. Once radars and air defenses are activated they are intercepted by high speed anti-radiation weapons such as the HARM. The program will transition into production in fiscal year 2008.




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