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CH-47F Improved Chinook Makes
Its First Flight

Russia to Deliver Su-33 Fighters
 to China

Unmanned Fast Inshore Attack
Craft Enter Service

Australian AFVs get improved Armor, Remote Weapon Stations

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Defense Update - October 27th, 2006

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Upcoming events October; November.

30-31 / 10 UV North America, Washington DC, USA
30-31 / 10 Urban Operations conference, London UK
31 / 10 Night Vision conference, London UK
31/10 - 5/11 Airshow China 2006 exhibition, Zuhai, China
1 - 2 / 11 Night Vision (London, UK)
4 - 5 / 11 Heli-Power (London, UK)
8 - 9 / 11 Coastal Surveillance (Singapore)
8 - 9 / 11 Land Systems - Digitized Battlespace (London, UK)

13 - 15 / 11 Light Armored Vehicles, (Arlington, VA. USA)

13 - 15 / 11 Unmanned Vehicles (Pretoria, South Africa)
14 / 11 US Air Force Defense Industry Day (Washington, DC, USA)
15 - 17 / 11 Combat ID Europe (Brussels, Belgium)
20 - 24 / 11 IDEAS - 2006 (Karachi, Pakistan)
20 - 24 / 11 Indo Defense 2006 (Jakarta, Indonesia)

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Russia Negotiates Sale of 50 Su-33 Fighters to China

Russia and China are finalizing negotiations for the delivery of up to 50 Su-33 carrier based jet fighters, at a cost of US$2.5 billion. China is expected to initially get two Su-33 jets to be used for evaluation and operational trials on the on the ex-Soviet carrier Varyag China acquired from the Ukraine in 1999. The carrier is currently stationed at China’s Dalian Shipyard, being refitting since 2002. Once commissioned to service, the carrier will be able to operate the 12 aircraft of SU-33, which are included as the first option part of the current program. Eventually China could buy up to 50 aircraft of this type, to equip the first indigenous Chinese built aircraft carrier expected by 2010. (

Australian Vehicles Complete Modernization Phase

Australian defence is completing the A$35M Australian Light Armored Vehicle (ASLAV) program next week, delivering the last two upgraded vehicles to the Australian troops. 59 of the 62 ASLAVs deployed to the Middle East since 2005 have now been fitted with the Protector Remote Weapon Stations from Kongsberg, mounting the 12.7mm heavy machine gun. Australia bought the Protectors for A$17.9 million. The vehicles received improved protection, fitted with "bar" (slat) armor and internal spall liners to better withstand blast, small-arms hits and fragmentation. In operational service the ASLAV fleet has achieved availability rates of greater than 90%.

CH-47F Improved Chinook Makes Its First Flight

First production Boeing CH-47F Chinook helicopter successfully completed its first flight on Oct. 23. Boeing will deliver the new CH-47F to the U.S. Army for operational testing before being deployed in 2007. CH-47F uses the same cockpit as the MH-47G operated by the Special Operations Command.

Unmanned Fast Inshore Attack Craft Enter Service

The Royal Navy has accepted into service two remotely controlled Fast Inshore Attack Craft (FIAC) Realistic Targets, simulating hostile fast boats during live firing training exercises. These boats use remotely controlled handling and navigation systems which have been used to clear strategic waterway of mines in Iraq during Operation TELIC - the first time the RN used unmanned surface vessels in an operational role. Utilizing a rigid inflatable boat system (RIBS) FIAC RT is operated remotely as a target or for target towing, thus improving maneuverability and operator safety while conducting live firing training exercises are at close proximity to the naval platform 'under attack'. The boats were delivered by QinetiQ under a £500k contract.

  Indonesia to buy Searcher 2 UAVs from Israel

Indonesian officials said the military has selected the Searcher 2 unmanned aerial vehicle and is intended to buy four UAV systems for its military. Over the last three years, Indonesia and Israel have held talks on defense and other cooperation. The two countries do not have formal diplomatic relations. According to international sources, other countries in Southeast Asia already operating the Searcher UAV system include Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, India and Sri-Lanka.

ISM Announces Breakthrough in Nanotube production

Idaho Space Materials, Inc. (ISM) has developed a new nanotube manufacturing process which produces single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) at a very high production rate. The new process yields nanotubes without the typical metal contaminants, allowing these nanotubes to be easily incorporated into more advanced applications. While alternative SWCNT manufacturing methods use a metal catalyst to form the nanotubes, ISM's process uses a different approach which does not require any metal catalysts. Metal contamination is problematic for many commercial applications due to either toxic effects or the harmful impact of the catalyst on the exceptional nanotube characteristics. Metal contamination removal is a costly and time-consuming process that is unnecessary with this product. Carbon nanotubes have drawn significant attention from the scientific community since their discovery in 1991 due to their very high tensile strength, excellent electrical conductivity, light weight, and outstanding thermal properties.

Advanced Typhoon to start Final Assembly Soon

Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft production will soon progress to the next stage, with the beginning of final assembly of the initial Trench 2 standard aircraft, expected by the year's end. The first aircraft of this advanced configuration will be the 29th single seat aircraft to be produced for the German Air Force. This aircraft, designated IPA 7 will be instrumented for flight testing of Trench 2 Block 8 capabilities and is scheduled to make its first flight by 2008. A British Trench 1 aircraft has already been configured with Trench 2 standard avionics and is used for avionic tests at RAF Warton.




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