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Unmanned Systems News October 2010

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ATK Offers Miniature Precision Guided Weapon for Unmanned Aerial Systems

RiotBot – Armed For Close Combat

Unmanned Systems report

Defense Update Unmanned Systems Channel - October 2010

Photo above: The AirMule prototype has performed 40 test hovers and accumulated 10 hours of flight time. More recently the aircraft has been undergoing a systems upgrade including the development and installation of wheeled landing gear that will facilitate ground mobility while also enabling STOVL (Short Takeoff Vertical Landing) operations which have the potential to nearly double the aircraft's payload capacity. Urban Aeronautics plans to resume flight tests of its AirMule prototype before the end of the year. Photo: Urban Aeronautics (Read More...)

U.S. Army to Demonstrate Full Manned-Unmanned Operations Next Year 

The U.S. Army is planning to test a combined operation of manned and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), as part of the demonstration of advanced capabilities enabled with current and future systems and technologies. (Read More...)

ATK guided weaponsATK Offers Miniature Precision Guided Weapon for Unmanned Aerial Systems

The U.S. Navy is expecting proposals from industry for groundbreaking operational support services, employing unmanned helicopters as ‘Cargo-Unmanned Aerial Sy ATK is developing a lightweight precision guided munition, compact and light enough to be carried by the dozens or even hundreds by unmanned aerial aircraft. The new glide weapon is packed into a conformal container launcher carried under the wing of the Shadow, fitted on top of the strut root. Upon release the weapon’s fins are extracted and three airfoils pop into place, as the weapon glides on its path to the ground. (Read More...)

RiotbotRiotBot – Armed For Close Combat

The Spanish company TechnoRobot has introduced here the RiotBot – a new class of unmanned platform designed for intervention in riots, prison disturbances, or other civil disorders, where neutralization of specific elements is required by law enforcement agents, avoiding direct contact with the crowd. By operating with effective non lethal means to suppress, or deactivate a target without the presence of personnel, RiotBot can eliminate potential threats while minimizing escalation typically caused by police intervention. (Read More...)


Airmule UAVDecision Time for Cargo UAVs

The U.S. Navy is expecting proposals from industry for groundbreaking operational support services, employing unmanned helicopters as ‘Cargo-Unmanned Aerial Systems – C-UAS) in Afghanistan. Two companies are expected to compete for this service – Lockheed Martin-Kaman and Boeing. Boeing positions it’s A160T Hummingbird rotary wing UAV as an unmanned cargo lifting platform. (Read More...)

KmaxThe Marines Want Cargo-UAS Now

While DARPA’s dream of TX Transformers hopping supplies and personnel through the sky, avoiding roadside IEDs and ambushes, the Marines in Afghanistan need a solution now. In August the Second Marine Expeditionary Brigade (II MEB) published the requirements for C-UAS, following the Joint Urgent Operational Need (JUON) issue by the Marine Corps earlier, following the evaluation of several systems in early 2010. Due to the urgency of the mission the Marines are seeking a mature, autonomous, aerial cargo transport platform. (Read More...)

Latrun ExhibitionLatrun 2010 – Unmanned Systems on Display

This photographic report is the third part of our coverage of the Latrun 2010 land warfare conference and exhibitions. This feature highlights some of the unmanned systems at the show, beginning with the Guardium, which recently entered operational service with the IDF, as part of the border security measures employed along one of the country’s hot border lines. Another new system on display was the Maxi Viper, first covered by Defense Update in August. (Read More...)


ScoutXTExtendable Stick Turns Micro Robot into a Pole Cam

ReconRobotics has introduced a new, versatile add-on to the Recon Scout Micro Robot enabling the use of the robot either as a remotely controlled sensor or static, elevated ‘Pole Cam’. The novel device enables military scouts to mount the Micro Robot on the 20 inch (0.52 m) long ‘Recon Scout Search Stick’, a quipped with actuated jaws that grasp the 1.2 pound Recon Scout micro robot. (Read More...)

YakhontVulture Solar-Powered UAV Set For Months long Mission by 2014

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has selected a concept developed by the Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) for the second phase of the Vulture long-endurance unmanned aerial system (UAS) program. The Solar eagle was selected over the Odysseus, a rival proposal submitted by Lockheed Martin and Aurora Flight Science’s. The agency awarded Boeing an $89 million contract for the development and flight demonstration of the Vulture air vehicle, a 400 ft. (122 m) wing span, quad-tail flying wing, designed for operation at very high-altitude of 90,000 – 60,000 ft, and operate continuously, unreplenished, for a period of five years. (Read More...)