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Following the IDF decision to procure the Trophy for its Merkava main battle tanks, the US Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, intends to purchase the Active Protection System made by Israel's Rafael Defense Systems. According to an announcement made by Dahlgren, the Trophy was selected as it is "the only known devise currently available that demonstrates a high technical maturity level", The Navy considers the Trophy system at the highest Technology Readiness Level (TRL9) which defined a system as "Actual application of the technology in its final form and under mission conditions, such as those encountered in operational test and evaluation" The Navy recognizes that the system has developed robust logistics trail incumbent with current fielding activities and has demonstrated performance versus multiple threats with validated test data. Contract award is expected this month (November 2007). (More...)

Dahlgren Division has been developing "Project Sheriff" for several years. Sheriff is a Stryker based platform designed specifically for modern asymmetric warfare by employing a range of lethal and non-lethal effects. These vehicles were designed as multi-mission capability ranging from raids and patrols, route reconnaissance, crowd control and force protection including convoy protection and point defense. A critical element of the system was its ability to repel unexpected attacks by weapons such as RPGs, roadside bombs and IEDs. Eventually, Spiral 0 vehicles were completed without active protection for demonstration purpose only. The current procurement is assumed to be supportive of the follow-on systems, expected to be mounted on MRAP vehicles, operating in support of operations in Iraq.

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