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Israel's Navy Debuts Employment of Precision Guided Missiles integrated with Typhoon Weapon System

Two Spike ER missile launchers shown installed on a Typhoon remotely operated gun mounted on a Super Dvora fast patrol boat. Photo: RafaelThe Israeli Navy also participates in the attacks on Gaza, targeting coastal targets and boats formerly operated by the Palestinian police. Records of the attack, published by the Israeli Navy indicate for the first time the Israelis have equipped their naval vessels with Spike ER electro-optically guided missiles. Two missiles fired at coastal targets are seen in the video below.


A Typhoon turret integrated with two Spike ER guided missiles designed for installation on the deck of small naval vessels. Photo: Rafael
The video depicts the attacks by the Typhoon remotely controlled gun, and the firing sequence of the two missiles, one targeting a small patrol boat and the other hits right through the window of a building on the coastline.

These Spike ER missiles, with a range of eight kilometers were known to have been used from helicopter, vehicular and ground positions, but are apparently employed from naval gun boats, most probably Super Dvora fast attack crafts mounting Rafael's Typhoon stabilized gun mount. Other videos from the attack show firing by the boat's Typhoon gun scoring precision hits despite the high roll caused by the high sea.