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BAE Systems Raven - Preparing for a UK UCAV program?

USMC to test non-lethal boat trap to protect ships from suspected speedboats

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Defense Update - September 15th, 2006

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Upcoming events September:

20-24 / Africa Aerospace & Defense Exhibition - South Africa

25-27 / Sensor to Shooter conference, Silver Spring, MD. USA

28-29 / Offshore Patrol Vehicle conference, London, UK

Upcoming events October:

3 / Defense Logistics C4I conference, Thatcham UK
3-7 / Defendory International 2006, Athens, Greece
9-11 / AUSA Annual Meeting 2006, Washington DC, USA
9-11 / C4ISR Interoperability Europe conf. Brussels, Belgium
16-18 / Military & Aerospace repair and Maintenance (USA)
18-19 / Asymmetric Warfare & Mine CM (DC, USA)
18-22 / Defense Asia 2006 exhibition, Republic of Korea
23-25 / Annual Border Management conf., Washington DC, USA
23-27 / EuroNaval 2006 exhibition, Paris, France
30-31 / UV North America, Washington DC, USA
30-31 / Urban Operations conference, London UK
31 / Night Vision conference, London UK
31/10 - 5/11 Airshow China 2006 exhibition, Zuhai, China

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Forecast Predicts the Military EO Market to Peak by 2010

According to a new analysis by Forecast International, an estimated $8.1 billion will be spent over the next 10 years on the development and production of key land and naval oriented Electro-Optical systems. The study forecasts the market to peak with 339,696 systems produced from 2006-2010 and decline to 226,890 systems produced from 2011 to 2015. Three of the top five suppliers in this market are U.S. companies - Raytheon, ITT and Northrop Grumman. The other two are Thales and Australia’s Electro-Optical Systems Holdings Ltd.

UK Expected to Embark on a Major UCAV program

($) Aviation Week & Space Technology reporter Douglas Barrie predicts in this week's edition that the UK is about to embark on a major Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) program in the upcoming weeks. The stealthy British UCAV will be used for strike, and strategic surveillance and reconnaissance missions. A team headed by BAE Systems submitted a proposal for the development of a UCAV demonstrator earlier this year. Other team members include Qinetiq, Smiths Industries, and Rolls Royce.

Israel receives First AEW Configured Gulfstream 550

The Israel Air Force (IAF) received its first of three Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) platform. The remaining two are scheduled for delivery in 2007 and 2008. In Israel, the aircraft will be fitted with the airborne radar system, electronic support measures (ESM) and communications equipment to support the AEW&C mission. The modified Gulfstream G-550 special mission aircraft will be operated by the Nachshon Squadron recently established at Airbase 27, the military annex of the Ben-Gurion International Airport.

Boeing To Supply Additional Combat Rescue Radios

Boeing will supply the USAF with 1,666 Combat Survivor Evader locator (CSEL) radios and related accessories and support, under a US$14 million contract awarded by the USAF Electronics Systems Wing. The radios will be delivered by March 2007. This order follows two previous orders of 7,698 sets worth over US$66 million, received earlier in 2006. The complete US$250 million program calls for the acquisition of up to 46,000 CSEL radios by all services. To date, Boeing has delivered more than 8,200 radios to the joint services.

L3 To Upgrade AAV's With Thermal Sights

The US Marine Corps are upgrading the gunner's sights employed with their Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAV), with the integration of thermal imaging sensors into existing M-36 blocks. L3 Communications was awarded a US$35.6 million contract to supply the Upgraded M36E3 thermal sights for the Upgunned Weapon Station (UGWS), to be delivered by September 2008.

Marines To Evaluate Boat Traps for Port Security Role

Foster Miller and Moscow Mills will develop a "boat Trap" under a US$1 million USMC Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate evaluation program. The two companies have already collaborated on similar development for the US coast Guards. The boat trap is deployed from a helicopter into the path of a threatening watercraft traveling at a high rate of speed. The net, made of ballistic fibers, forming a propeller-entangling system that ensnares the propellers of a target speedboat, to disable the craft.

Harris Launch Secure Personal Radio in South Africa

A new Secure Personal Radio (SPR) was unveiled today by Harris, at the Aerospace and Defense exhibition in South Africa. The radio system is designed for the international market. It provides secure, digitized voice and data communications to the individual soldier. The radio operates at the 350-450 MHz frequency band, incorporates a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and standard USB interfacing. Supporting standard AES or customer-unique Citadel digital encryption, the radio protects tactically relevant voice and data communications, while seamlessly interfaces with the existing Harris' Falcon II family of tactical radios.

Canada is deploying an armored unit to Afghanistan

Canada is reinforcing its forces deployed as part of the coalition forces in Afghanistan. The reinforcements will include a Leopard C2 tank squadron, and an infantry company to be deployed as a quick reaction force in Kandahar, counter-rocket, artillery & mortar (C-RAM) teams and military engineers equipped with Badger Armored Engineering Vehicles. The reinforcements will increase the number of Canadian troops in Afghanistan to 2,500.




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