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Defense Electronics & C4ISR Report

Defense Update Defense Electronics & C4ISR Channel - June 2011

Photo: Lockheed Martin received a $58.6 million contract from the U.S. Marine Corps for more Vehicle Optic Sensor Systems II (VOSS II) and Portable Rapid Deployment Surveillance Systems (PRDSS).  Photo: Lockheed Martin (Read More...)

Looking at Elbit System’s Crystal Ball

Going through a generation shift, Elbit Systems focuses its activities on the ‘growth engines’ that will take it through the next levels, in the 2020s. “The products that form our backlog today are the results of our past investments. We usually talk about ‘growth engines’ when discussng where we want to be in the future, where we want to grow in ten years time” Yossi Akerman, Elbit President & CEO told Defense Update. (Read More...)

IAI MAPSATIAI MAPSAT – Compact Man Portable Satellite Communication Terminal

ELTA Systems Ltd., an Israel Aerospace Industries’ group and subsidiary, presents the MAPSAT (ELK 1895)-  a tactical Man Portable Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Terminal. The system, weighting only 8.5 kg,. is carried by a single soldier operating in special missions. The terminal can be rapidly deployed and connected to predefined available commercial Ku-Band communication satellites.
The operational, field- proven ELK-1895 is communicates voice and high data rate within a network including many subscribers such as Special Forces fighters and their commanding post. All subscribers, within the communication satellite footprint, communicate, via a communication link, without revealing their geo-location. (Read More...)

C-MUSICC-MUSIC to Protect Israeli Airlines from Missile Attacks

Offers Part of the development of active protection systems for platforms, Elbit systems is offering effective protection for military and commercial aircraft and helicopters, employing an affordable, highly effective fiber-laser based Directional Infra-Red Counter Measures (DIRCM). While DIRCM systems for large aircraft have been available on the market for several years, Elbit Systems’ Multi-Spectral Infrared Countermeasure (MUSIC) system is the first to the market offering compact, low-power affordable solution suitable for medium aircraft such as C-27J and Boeing 737 and 767 and helicopters of the UH-60, EH-101 and Mi-17 class. (Read More...)

Controp TD-STAMPControp Expands Miniature EO Payload Line with Laser Designating Micro-Payloads

Controp is unveiling at the Paris Air Show 2011 the TD STAMP, a new lightweight payload optimized for small UAVs. TD STAMP is displayed at the airshow on Aeronautics’s Orbiter 3 UAV, also making its international debut here. The new payload offers performance level comparable to much larger payloads, at a weight ranging from 2.8 kg for the dual-EO/IR version to five kg, for the dual EO/IR plus laser designation capability, making TD STAMP the lightest laser designating payload in tkhe market. (Read More...)

IAI AD-STARIAI to Unveil a New Air Defense & Air Surveillance Radar

IAI Elta is introducing a new air defense, surveillance, threat alert and air traffic control radar (AD STAR) offering an affordable, mission specific solution for customers worldwide. In recent years IAI Elta has witnessed a growing demand for air surveillance radars, with customers planning to phase out legacy air defense radar system. At the time, Elta’s existing solutions, although offering highly advanced capabilities, were aiming ‘too high’, therefore were less affordable to the average customers.  (Read More...)

VOSSLockheed Martin to Deliver 110 Vehicular/Portable Surveillance Systems

Lockheed Martin received a $58.6 million contract from the U.S. Marine Corps for more Vehicle Optic Sensor Systems II (VOSS II) and Portable Rapid Deployment Surveillance Systems (PRDSS). Under the contract, Lockheed Martin will provide 110 VOSS II and 30 PRDSS, plus additional field services and equipment in support of these systems. The new kits are designed as lightweight and portable systems, offering combat teams riding in MRAPs a 360 Degree “eyes on” camera system. The equipment will be produced at the Lockheed Martin Gyrocam Systems facility in Sarasota, Fla., and the period of performance will continue through March 2012. (Read More...)

AN/PRC-117GAN/PRC-117G Software Release adds Broader Network Support, Airborne Apps

The latest software release for the Falcon III AN/PRC-117G multiband manpack radio system significantly broadens the radio’s network-enabled mission capabilities by introducing a new ‘Sky Mode’, for airborne applications and expanding network support to 30 individual nodes. The new capabilities were added to the Adaptive Wideband Networking Waveform (ANW2), which is currently deployed to Afghanistan in the AN/PRC-117G by various branches of the U.S. Department of Defense. (Read More...)

AH-64DU.S. Army Apaches to Test a new Gunfire Detection System

U.S. Army AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopters will soon be equipped with a Ground Fire Acquisition System (GFAS) to automatically detect, and identify the sources of ground fire shot at the helicopters. GFAS consists of a combination of infrared cameras and processing system known as ‘Weapon Watch” that detect, locate and point other systems (or weapons) to source of ground fire that could put the helicopter in danger. The system also detects enemy fire on the ground, assisting supported forces on the ground. The infrared camera are packed into external pods attached to the helicopters’ stub wings. (Read More...)


MHSR RadarRADA Unveils a New Radar Optimized for Homeland Security

Israel’s defense electronics company RADA is unveiling at LAAD 2011 a new phased array ground and air surveillance radar optimized for homeland security applications. The RHS-40 Multimode Hemisphere Surveillance Radars (MHSR) is a new member RADA’s Family of Pulse Doppler, AESA, Solid State Radars, utilized for active protection systems, perimeter defense and now – air and ground surveillance. (Read More...)