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Active Protection for Israeli AFVs – More than Hard Kill

Technology report
Lockheed Martin Gyrocam

Defense Update Technology Channel - June 2011

Photo Above: Lockheed Martin received a $58.6 million contract from the U.S. Marine Corps for more Vehicle Optic Sensor Systems II (VOSS II) and Portable Rapid Deployment Surveillance Systems (PRDSS).  Photo: Lockheed Martin (Read More...)

AMSTAF UGVAMSTAF – Autonomous, Robotic Security Vehicle

Automotive Robotic Industry is displaying here the AMSTAF robot, an unmanned patrol vehicle developed for security, border patrol, load carrying and casualty evacuation missions. The vehicle has already been selected for operation with the 5th Army of the Republic of Korea Defense Force, patrolling the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) with North Korea. (Read More...)

Medi-TMedi-T Offers Clean Space for Deployable Operating Rooms in Emergency

Supporting field deployments of for medical teams, in response to emergency operations, military operations or response to mass casualties emergencies, SYS Technologies is offering the new Medi-T inflatable ‘clean room’, providing rapid response clean space for surgical work, According to Dr. Shalom Zilbershmidt, who innovated the design, along with his partners at SYS Technologies, the Medi-T clean-air system can be erected in just ten seconds, capable of accepting emergency operations in minutes from arriving at the site. (Read More...)

XC2VCrowd-Driven Combat Support Vehicle Prototype Completed in 98 Days

After 14 weeks of work, rapid prototyping automotive manufacturer Local Motors has completed the manufacturing of the ‘Flypmode’, the winning design of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)’s ‘Crowd-Driven Combat Support Vehicle’ XC2V.
DARPA’S XC2V Design Challenge asked individuals to co-create a vehicle body design for two different missions – Combat Reconnaissance and Combat Delivery & Evacuation. The FLYPMODE, designed by Victor Garcia won the first prize – $7,500 in cash and to be built into a prototype by Local Motors. (Read More...)

UVision WASP UAVMissile or UAV? UVision Introduces the WASP

A new face at the Paris Air Show 2011 is UVision, a small company from Israel, specializing in special purpose UAVs. The highlights of the company’s display is the WASP personal, mini UAV that has performance characteristics of a missile, with the versatility, user control and reusability of a UAV.
UVision has built the WASP as a back-packable, canister-launched system, weighing about three kilograms, including the UAV, payload and launch tube. (Read More...)

IAI MAPSATIAI MAPSAT – Compact Man Portable Satellite Communication Terminal

ELTA Systems Ltd., an Israel Aerospace Industries’ group and subsidiary, presents the MAPSAT (ELK 1895)-  a tactical Man Portable Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Terminal. The system, weighting only 8.5 kg,. is carried by a single soldier operating in special missions. The terminal can be rapidly deployed and connected to predefined available commercial Ku-Band communication satellites.
The operational, field- proven ELK-1895 is communicates voice and high data rate within a network including many subscribers such as Special Forces fighters and their commanding post. All subscribers, within the communication satellite footprint, communicate, via a communication link, without revealing their geo-location. (Read More...)


C-MUSICC-MUSIC to Protect Israeli Airlines from Missile Attacks

Offers Part of the development of active protection systems for platforms, Elbit systems is offering effective protection for military and commercial aircraft and helicopters, employing an affordable, highly effective fiber-laser based Directional Infra-Red Counter Measures (DIRCM). While DIRCM systems for large aircraft have been available on the market for several years, Elbit Systems’ Multi-Spectral Infrared Countermeasure (MUSIC) system is the first to the market offering compact, low-power affordable solution suitable for medium aircraft such as C-27J and Boeing 737 and 767 and helicopters of the UH-60, EH-101 and Mi-17 class. (Read More...)

C295 AEW&CAirbus Military and Elta Systems Introduce C295 AEW&C

Airbus Military and IAI/Elta Systems introduced  their joint development of an Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) system based on the Airbus Military/Casa C295 medium transport. The companies announced the cooperation during a signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the 2011 Paris Air Show. Each party is investing tens of millions Euros in the program, expected to position both companies in an attractive position addressing the special mission AEW&C market. (Read More...)


Air MuleAir Mules FanCrafts Could Be Operational in Four Years

After nine years of development, Rafi Yoeli, founder and CEO of Urban Aeronautics says he is confident the Air Mule can achieve operational level within four years. The new design is gaining much interest and support within Israel Defense Forces (IDF), bringing Yoeli closer to achieve its goal. “If funding for the Air Mule is secured, we could have Air Mule ready for fielding by 2015”. Yoeli tells Defense-Update. (Read More...)

Orbiter 3 UAVAeronautics Unveils Orbiter 3 at the Paris Airshow

Aeronautics ltd., one of Israel’s leading unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) providers is unveiling its newest platform – Orbiter 3 Small UAS at the Paris Airshow. The UAS is already operational, with first system formally delivered three weeks ago to an undisclosed customer. “The Orbiter 3 STUAS brings to the unmanned systems market capabilities that did not exist previously” said Ran Carmeli, Head of the Aerial Division at Aeronautics. “A field deployed, 25 kg electric powered UAS, can now deliver the same Intelligence, Surveillance Targeting and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) output achieved up to now only by much larger tactical UAS of a 100 kg and more.” (Read More...)

Controp TD-STAMPControp Expands Miniature EO Payload Line with Laser Designating Micro-Payloads

Controp is unveiling at the Paris Air Show 2011 the TD STAMP, a new lightweight payload optimized for small UAVs. TD STAMP is displayed at the airshow on Aeronautics’s Orbiter 3 UAV, also making its international debut here. The new payload offers performance level comparable to much larger payloads, at a weight ranging from 2.8 kg for the dual-EO/IR version to five kg, for the dual EO/IR plus laser designation capability, making TD STAMP the lightest laser designating payload in tkhe market. (Read More...)

Skylark I LE UAVSkylark 1LE + Dominator Offer New Benefits for Special Ops

Elbit Systems demonstrated how the Skylark 1LE, a small, silent, tactical mini-unmanned aircraft systems (Mini-UAS) can be operated with standard ‘Dominator’ wearable command and control, significantly reducing the warfighter carried load, relieving forward units from the need to deploy, control and retrieve UAS and empower special operations teams with persistent, ‘semi-organic’ ISR support. (Read More...)

IAI AD-STARIAI to Unveil a New Air Defense & Air Surveillance Radar

IAI Elta is introducing a new air defense, surveillance, threat alert and air traffic control radar (AD STAR) offering an affordable, mission specific solution for customers worldwide. In recent years IAI Elta has witnessed a growing demand for air surveillance radars, with customers planning to phase out legacy air defense radar system. At the time, Elta’s existing solutions, although offering highly advanced capabilities, were aiming ‘too high’, therefore were less affordable to the average customers.  (Read More...)

IAI MLGBIAI to Unveil a Medium Range Guided Weapon at the Paris Airshow

Israel Aerospace Industries is unveiling the Medium range Laser Guided Bomb (MLGB), a 250 pound class (115 kg) laser guided weapon designed for operation from fighter and light attack aircraft carried by standard 14" lugs.
The bomb provided as a unified weapon (unlike other laser guidance kits) comes with GPS/INS and laser guidance, and a three-mode fuse, offering airburst, impact or delayed detonation of the warhead effectively defeating soft, surface or semi-protected targets such as buildings or vehicles. (Read More...)

India Mini UAVIndian Police Seeking More Mini-UAVs

The growing interest in unmanned systems for use by Indian police and law enforcement agencies is bringing the Home Ministry to evaluate some of the technologies available for paramilitary use. Indian police forces are expressing interest in deploying mini and micro UAVs for years, and some have embarked on experimental evaluation programs, but only recently the interest was translated into action, with the procurement of the first two system by the Chandigarh Police. (Read More...)

VOSSLockheed Martin to Deliver 110 Vehicular/Portable Surveillance Systems

Lockheed Martin received a $58.6 million contract from the U.S. Marine Corps for more Vehicle Optic Sensor Systems II (VOSS II) and Portable Rapid Deployment Surveillance Systems (PRDSS). Under the contract, Lockheed Martin will provide 110 VOSS II and 30 PRDSS, plus additional field services and equipment in support of these systems. The new kits are designed as lightweight and portable systems, offering combat teams riding in MRAPs a 360 Degree “eyes on” camera system. The equipment will be produced at the Lockheed Martin Gyrocam Systems facility in Sarasota, Fla., and the period of performance will continue through March 2012. (Read More...)

PARS 3MBDA Completes Successful PARS-3LR Missiles Test Series

MBDA has recently conducted a successful series of test firing of the PARS 3LR guided anti-missile, carrying a live warhead. The missile was launched from a German Army Tiger helicopter. Three missiles were fired, scoring three hits. MBDA Deutschland conducted the campaign on the test range in Vidsel, Sweden. The three PARS 3 LR firings were part of a MBDA Deutschland export campaign. The guided missile system is on the short list for a procurement project of the Indian Army. (Read More...)

Fire StormMetal Storm Introduces a Non-Lethal / Lethal Weapon System Based

Metal Storm has introduced today the ‘Fury’, a new member of the ‘FireStorm’ weapon system family. Defined by the company as a ‘High Intensity Multi-Barrel Weapon Systems’ Fury is designed as a modular scalable system, mounting up to 30 barrels. Each barrel is loaded with up to 6 rounds, delivering a maximum burst fire-rates of up to 20,000 rounds per minute with 40mm grenades. (Read More...)