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Austria's new LMV to mount new Weapon Stations

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Elbit Systems Electrically Remotely Controlled Weapon Station Medium (ERCWS-M)

Elbit has introduced a new, lightweight, low-profile remotely operated weapon station designed for light vehicles. The system designated 'Electrically Remotely Controlled Weapon Station - Medium' (ERCWS-M) mounts a modular electro-oprtical payload, configurable to carry customer furnished EO sensors. The payload is mounted on an independent traverse and elevation gear, enabling the operator to decouple the weapon from the EO sensors, performing surveillance and reconnaissance activity while the gun is elevated 60 degrees up, without 'pointing' at specific targets. The EO payload can also perform limited lateral (traverse) movements to improve fire correction and compensation when firing an Automatic Grenade Launcher. Other weapons carried by the system include 7.62 and 12.7mm machine guns. All photos: Defense Update. The new system has already been selected for the new Austrial Armored Protected Vehicles procured in Italy.

May 18, 2009: Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ:ESLT) announced today receiving a contract worth €25 million from Iveco, to supply remotely operated 12.7mm weapon stations and threa warning systes to equip the new Light Multi-Role Armored Vehicle (MLV) being supplied to the Austran Army (photo below, courtesy of Elbit Systems). The prime contractof for this program is Iveco, a subsidiary of Italy's Fiat Group. Elbit's part of the program will amount. The systems will be delivered over the course of the next four years. Elbit also indicated the RWS installation will also include day and night threat detection systems, known as Multi Threat Detection System (MTDS), capable of detecting, categorizing and pinpointing Laser, Radar and RF Sources. The MTDS provides a solution to threats caused by a variety of sources, from beam rider missiles and ground designators to laser guided bombs and missiles.

Austria's new LMV to mount new Weapon Stations

Austrian Army MLV, fitted with Elbit Systems' Electrically Remotely Controlled Weapon Station - Medium (ERCWS-M) Photo: Elbit Systems