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ATHOS 2025
Autonomous, Towed Howitzer 155mm
Soltam Defense Systems

The ATHOS 2025 gun represents the new generation of  autonomous, towed artillery. Using the long range 155mm 52 cal. barrel ATHOS 2052 can achieve a maximum range of 41 km using standard NATO ammunition including ERFB/BB projectiles with charge 11 or modular charge. the gun is equipped with an autonomous navigation and positioning capability, ballistic computer and communications equipment enabling advanced target acquisition and accurate fire support. The gun can receive digital radio target data directly from the forward observer or from remote target acquisition systems and prepare itself for firing. Hydraulic actuators are used for gun elevation and traverse and these can be slaved to the mission computer, for automatic gun laying. It has an integral diesel engine and hydraulic driven wheels to assist in self maneuvering the gun to its assigned position. Combined with the on-board positioning equipment it enables automatic laying mode. 

The ATHOS 2052 is mounted on a towed carriage, which enables towing the gun to the battlefield. Once in the battlefield, the ATHOS 2052 can maneuver itself using its own diesel engine and special hydraulic driven wheels. The hydraulic system enables easy deployment of the gun, using hydraulic jacks and auxiliary wheels. It needs a crew of 4 to 6 to fully manage this gun which is equipped with ammunition loader assist. Within minutes, the ATHOS 2052 can autonomously move out of one position and deploy itself in an alternative position a few hundred meters away.

ATHOS 2052 155mm /52 cal system, completed a series of desert and mountain trials in India in 2003 - 2003.

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