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Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Vehicle

IAI/Ramta (Israel)

A forward view of RAMTA EODV. the vehicle is operational with the IDF and border policeIAI/Ramta has developed a specially equipped, protected EOD vehicle which is currently in use by the IDF and Israeli Border police. The vehicle is based on the International Truck Corp. Model 4800 vehicle, fitted with a bullet proof engine compartment and protected cabin for the crew and internal staging area. It is equipped with a fully integrated mission electronic, robotic and surveillance system. The vehicle contains two robots stored in the rear compartment which are deployed via hydraulic lift/ramp. Access and egress is available from rear and side, as well as from forward crew cabin. The system has built in GPS system and an EW jammer which disruptAn internal view of the cabin of the EODV, from where EOD specialists can safely operate the robotss the initiation of remotely controlled explosive charges. The crew can fight and return fire from within the vehicle, through side firing ports and top firing hatch. The vehicle is also equipped with external floodlights, on-board generator, and run-flat tires.



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