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Full Spectrum Active Protection (FSAP)


Full Spectrum Active Protection (FSAP) is a new active-protection concept currently developed for the US Army for its future and current armored vehicles. Advanced active protection systems are designed to provide the primary survivability component of future armored vehicles, protecting the vehicle from missiles, kinetic energy threats and top attack. The system detects, tracks, intercepts and physically defeats large-caliber threats at a distance sufficiently far from the defended vehicle to reduce the lethal effects of the threat and assure vehicle survival. A subset of FSAP is the Full Spectrum Active Protection System (FCLAS)

Active protection system's components will include threat detection, tracking systems, signal processing systems, countermeasures systems and base armor, used for structural and residual threat defeat. The system will utilize multiple sensors, Sensors, including radar, IR and laser detection systems.

Upon detection of a threat, the system will enable the deployment of countermeasures or defensive tactics to avoid hit (when engaging anti-tank missiles or threats at medium/long range), or automatically activate countermeasures, when necessary (primarily against high velocity missiles and kinetic energy threats or RPGs at short range). The development of enhanced commander's decision aid (CDA) is also being pursued under FASP, for optimal utilization of the new defensive measures. Such systems will feed from the vehicle's sensors, as well as from off-board data sources, and will be able to rapidly process the information, classify threats and recommend appropriate countermeasures.

Various types of countermeasures are currently under development. Such munitions will provide effective means of deflection, disruption or hard-kill of anti-armor weapon threats such as anti-tank projectiles, missiles and artillery fire. Such munitions include both explosive, fragmentation or Multiple Explosively Formed projectile (Multi EFP) based warheads, or hard metal bars (momentum-transfer armor). Other concepts include blast effect for the deflection of incoming penetrator rods, and deployment of "birdcatcher" nets, against top-attack sumbunitions, which will intercept or disrupt their operation before they are activated.


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  Updated: 10/12/2005


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