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I-See Miniature Aerial vehicle
Israel Aircraft Industries (Israel)

I-see and I-view mini UAVs displayed by IAI at Asian Aerospace 04I-SEE is a miniature UAV designed for short-range surveillance, reconnaissance and damage assessment roles. The I-SEE aerial vehicle weighs 7.5 kg and measures 1.82 long, with a wing span of 2.90 m'. It can carry an electro optical TV and IR payloads at weights up to 800 gr. as well as other customer furnished payloads. The I-SEE operates at a range of 5 10 km, and has a mission endurance of 45 60 minutes. It can operate at an altitude up to 3,300 m' and uses auto launch system. The miniature vehicle is flown autonomously, and has data link for real time video transfer to the ground station.

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