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Micro Fly  Precision delivery system. Photo: ParaFliteThe MicroFly can be configured with any military ram air parachute to accompany inserting HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) or HAHO (High Altitude High Opening) parachutists. Since the MicroFly and the jumpers are under the same canopy, the MicroFly will remain in close proximity with the jumpers through the flight.

MicroFly can fly autonomously to the pre-planned impact point relying on internal GPS guidance or it could be remotely controlled by the jumper while in the air.

The MicroFly will exit the aircraft first and can guide the inserting element under canopy to the impact point. The compact remote guidance unit can simultaneously control up to ten MicroFly systems.

This feature allows unit on the ground to receive multiple resupply missions over an extended period of time. The MicroFly can also be remotely controlled should the element decide to deviate from the infiltration plan.

When used in a blind drop where the drop zone is not secured, recovery of the system can be done more efficiently as the pallet can be located using the control unit.



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