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Thermal Binocular System (TBS)

DRS Technologies

TBS is used for medium to long-range observation and reconnaissance. The binocular, hand-held, battery-operated thermal imager to be used by field commanders and squad leaders. TBS will provide Marines commanders a Tactical Range Thermal Imager (TRTI) solution, augmenting the night vision equipment currently used, which can be employed only at night. When deployed with the USMC service, TBS will be augmented by the Long Range Thermal Imagers, LRTI to be delivered by Kollsman Inc under a parallel program. LRTI is expected to field with the corps' observation and recon units.

In September 2005 the Pentagon awarded DRS Technologies a $46 million contract for the delivery of 3,624 Thermal Binocular System (TBS) units. Total systems procurement covering TBS and LRTIs could reach $660 million over a five year, if all options are exercised.


  Updated: 12/12/2005

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