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Al-Thalab (Fox)

Long Range Patrol Vehicle

Jankel Armouring Ltd.

Al-Thalab, Long Range Patrol Vehicle (LRPV) designed by Jankel Armouring Ltd. was developed in the UK and carried field trials in the UK and Jordan. Development and production is carried out under a joint venture with Jordan's King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau (KADDB). The vehicles will be produced in Jordan starting early 2006, for use by the kingdom's security forces.

Al-Thalab is designed for patrol missions, internal security, reconnaissance and border patrol forces. Designed for long range missions, LRPV can travel on 1,500 km missions without resupply, carrying a crew of four, including driver, commander and two crew members and a payload of 1,700 kg, including supplies for 10 days. Two weapon stations are mounted at front and rear, providing a stable static firing position. The vehicle is fitted with two antenna mounting bases and power takeoff points for radio equipment. The vehicle uses Toyota 79 chassis (4x4 Landcruiser pickup), which is common in most countries worldwide. The vehicle can be sustained over long periods in remote areas with limited or no support. Mechanical components are of a basic design and not overly reliant on electronic management systems, thus enabling field repairs wit standard automotive parts.


  Updated: 11/21/2005

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