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Thor Multi-Mission air defense

Thales UK

An internal view of the Thor air defense vehicleThor vehicle mounted Multi Mission System (MMS) was first demonstrated at DSEi 05, mounted on the ATL Pinzgauer (6x6) cross-country chassis.

Thor comprises a four-missile turret with an integral stabilized sighting system, TV camera and thermal viewer and integrated auto-tracker, providing 24 hour capability. The system mounted the Starstreak High Velocity Missiles (HVMs) in the ready-to-launch position. Starstreak HVM is a laser-guided missile with a maximum speed in excess of Mach 3 and a range greater than 6km. Starstreak is in service with the British and South African armies.

Thor air defense vehicle, based on the Pinzgauer 6x6 chasis
The launcher weighs about 500 kg and can be integrated onto a range of wheeled or tracked vehicles. Preparing for what Thales defines as "force protection" missions; Thor's missile payload is not limited anti-aircraft missiles. The system can carry a mix of missiles, including Hellfire anti-tank laser homing missile, and SPIKE multi-purpose missiles and the South African Ingwe. According to Thales, the system already entered a series of test firing to demonstrate and validate its capabilities. The system can be operated by a single person but the normal crew consists of two - commander and gunner.

  Updated: 05/25/2006

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