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Weapon Integrated Battle Management System - WINBMS

Elbit Systems

WINBMS APC display scheme
Weapon Integrated Battle Management System (WINBMS) is designed for the joint battalion combat team, it accelerates mission planning, establishes a common and clear language across all combat elements, distributes and enforces areas of responsibility, separation lines, safety margins etc; it automatically updates and distributes intelligence, target information and alerts throughout the battle group and enables flexible planning and operation. Integrated with on-board networked BMS computers, every platform becomes a networked sensor and a shooter. Weapons can be slaved by remote users, to remote sensors, therefore empowering the system with more flexibility, faster op-tempo, effective closed–hatches combat and employment of distributed and dispersed firepower without risking fratricide. WINBMS integrates built-in navigation, communications functions, fully integrated with the platform, on-board sensors and weapons.

WINBMS systems are embedded with simulation and debriefing capabilities as part of Elbit's Battlefield Enhanced Smart Training (BEST) architecture. At the WINBMS level BEST supports each of the combat systems, integrated at company level. This approach enables combined training of live, simulated and virtual forces, at multiple locations and different levels (battalion, brigade and other units). The IDF plans to deploy the first trainer for battalion combat team in November 2005. An on-board trainer for the Merkava Mk4 main battle tank is already operational, providing full simulation environment for commander and gunner, supporting training from the individual team up to the company level.
WINBMS display scheme used for Tank tactical consoles

  Updated: 11/05/2005

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