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New Gunshot Detection Capability Expands the Role of Mini-UAVs in Force...

Microflown Avisa is now offering UAV acoustic sensors to equip miniature UAVs. At ISDEF Microflown highlights the sensor integrated on a Aerovironment Raven, offering effective situational awareness for small units operating the miniature drone. According to John Bremner, business development manager at Microflown, the sensor weighing about 200 grams can be best integrated in the mini UAVs employing pusher propellers, as it offers a clean environment for the system. The sensor can also be integrated on aerostats, typically operated on force protection missions.

PILAR – Acoustic Small-Arms Locator

Pilar, is a small-arms and sniper location system. Pilar has proven itself in combat since the conflicts in Bosnia and Kosovo. The system is...

Ground Sensors – Acoustic

Start < Page 6 of 9 > While expensive IR based systems offer superior performance, the most common sniper/gunshot detection systems are the acoustic sensors. Advanced...

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