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The Last Round in Gaza – and the Next

The recent round of inconclusive fighting across the Gaza-Israel border prompts several observations about the outcome and possible implications for the future. Mark A. Heller, Principal Research Associate at the Tel-Aviv based Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) discusses some of the highlights of recent events in the recent edition of INSS Insight.

Head of Israel’s ‘Shin Bet’ Outlines Israel’s Joint Countering Terror Strategy

yuval diskin
The first decade of the 21st century demonstrated the potential risk of modern terror, and how determined response, led by dedicated personnel, backed by...

Iron Dome in Action: A Preliminary Evaluation

The "Iron Dome" anti-rocket active defense system was first used by Israel in April 2011 with great technical success. The study concludes that the Iron Dome system has succeeded in saving lives and reducing damages, thus providing more flexibility to the political leadership for containing the fighting with the Hamas government in Gaza. This success has prompted Israel's defense officials to publicly set strategic objectives and limitations of the system, which, until then, had not been divulged.

Could Gaza be the Independent Palestinian State?

In his recent post David Eshel points at an interesting option which could be regarded utopian by many skeptics with only doomsday scenarios in their future perception. A plan concerning a “different Gaza”, which seems already in the making, In fact, while Mr Abbas seeks a virtual state at the UN, Hamas already controls a real one.

A Unilateral Palestinian State Will be Non-Starter

About 100 nations across the world have already come out in recognition of an independent Palestinian state, and more are expected to be coming...

Suicide Bombers as Weapons

A scene from the Paradise Now describing a dispatcher preparing a suicide bomber for his mission. (a Warner Brothers film)
A scene from the Paradise Now describing a dispatcher preparing a suicide bomber for his mission. (a Warner Brothers film) Tel Aviv, November 1, 2010: About 1,200...

Obama’s New Midde-East – A Roadmap to Total Confusion

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has outlined a unilateral plan to build the infrastructure and institutions for an independent Palestinian state within two years...

Tahdiya Spurs Hamas’s Military Buildup in the Gaza Strip

The Egyptian-brokered informal truce, or "Tahdiya" started Thursday, June 19, at 0600 hours and seems to be holding sofar. This not surprising, as Hamas...

Gaza Exodus Threatening Repercussions on Egypt’s Future

View the CBS News Photo Essay on the Gaza - Rafah situation These are moments of glory for Hamas. It conducted its campaign brilliantly last week, and...

Annapolis 2007: Roadmap into a Dangerous Dead-End

Despite the happy faces portrayed in official photo opportunities on Condoleezza Rice's last visit, the Bush sponsored Annapolis summit is doomed to failure. The...

Israel’s immunity gesture will restore terror infrastructure in West Bank

The Palestinian terror infrastructure in the West Bank has been embroiled in an existential ordeal for at least a year: The IDF's successful nightly...

Rafah’s Subterranean Tunnel City: The Gateway to Hamastan

By seizing the so-called "Philadelphi" route along the Gaza- Egyptian international borderline, Hamas has finally taken full control of all exits and border crossings...

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