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Virtual Reality Prepares Soldiers for the Real Fight

Quantum 3D displayed here the ExpeditionDI wearable simulator, also known as 'immersive dismounted infantry training platform'; the system was recently ordered by the U.S. Army to help preparing U.S. forces for missions to foreign theaters. The $50 million contract was awarded to Intelligent Decisions, where Quantum as a subcontractor, is expected to deliver several thousands systems over 18 months. The evaluation of the trial batches is scheduled to begin at Ft. Bennings in January 2012, supporting the Army's Force Generation (ARFORGEN) cycle.

‘Smart Entities’ define Computer Generated Terrorists for Simulation Training

These interactive, Terrorist Computer Generated Forces (TCGF) embedded into computer models, implement decades of operational experience and research, conducted with Israel Ministry of Defense....

Populating the Virtual Worlds

Rapid re-construction of complex urban environments presents a challenge, already addressed by an automated, urban scene-generating process, performed by specialized systems developers such as TerraSim,...

Virtual Iraq – VR Based Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Developed by Virtually Better, with funding from the Naval Research Office, “Virtual Iraq” VR environment suitable for therapy of anxiety disorders resulting from the...