Improving Driving Safety

ADAS Tier 3 kit

Another new feature introduced with the company’s combat vehicles is the Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) kit, applicable with all vehicle platforms, to help troops operate their vehicles safely in harsh conditions and difficult terrain.

The kit has three levels of performance – a camera-based artificial vision technology for the tier 1 ADAS, providing the driver with warning in conditions where sensors detect lane departure, rapid closing distance, presence of pedestrians, or excessive speed. Such warnings would help drivers avoid collision, especially in conditions where their vision is impaired by lighting and/or visibility conditions or night travel.

Tier 2 introduces driver-assisted safety features, with electronic stability control and radar-based sensors providing active safety measures for crash avoidance. It also includes Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) to maintain a following gap with a lead vehicle and collision mitigation braking (CMB) to help slow the vehicle if a crash is perceived as imminent. Tier 3 equips the vehicles with more autonomous elements, implementing comprehensive accident avoidance.

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