Organic Air Vehicle (OAV)

Start < Page 3 of 7 > The Future Combat System (FCS) Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) plan consists of a family of several types of airborne vehicles, including the Organic Air Vehicle (OAV). The OAV will be designed to operate from the battlefield, by the field troops, and provide small combat teams and individual soldiers with the capability to detect the...

IAI Consolidates Civil Activities into +US$1 Billion Commercial Aviation Group

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is strengthening its commercial aviation activities by forming a single, business-oriented group that unifies six business lines currently distributed in different corporate activities. The new structure is likely to focus IAI's activities to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of the commercial aviation market. The transformation is implemented at a time in which many countries bring home their manufacturing operations and are fighting aggressively for market shares, challenging IAI to sharpen its offering in defense and commercial aviation alike.

Poland is Interested in Ukraine Anti-Tank Missiles

The Defense Ministry of Poland is considering purchasing anti-tank missiles from the Ukraine as part of the implementation of a weapons modernization program. According to Ukraine news agency Interfax-Ukraine, a Polish executives mission headed by Deputy Defense Minister for Weapons and Arms Modernization Waldemar Skrzypczak, has met last week with representatives of Ukroboronprom State Concern and Ukrspecexport State Enterprise,...

Israel Will Be First International Customer To Fly Operational F-35 Units

Though late to sign on to the network of nations purchasing the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Israel will be the first international customer to operate the fifth-generation fighter, Aviation Week's David Eshel reports. “Israel will become the first non-U.S. operator of the F-35 in the world,” said Steve O’Bryan, Lockheed Martin’s vice president for F-35 program integration and business development...

Canadian Agency Requests Proposals for Safety and Security Research Prorjects

The Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP) has issued the first call for proposals for innovative science and technology (S&T) project for homeland security applications.


The new man-portable THERMITE wearable PC provides realtime 2D/3D tactical visual computing specifically designed for embedded training, mission rehearsals and deployed C4ISR applications. The system supports Linux and Windows XP, capable of running a wide range of C4ISR applications, battlefield visualization and embedded training applications. The system is powered by Transmeta Crusoe 1GHz processor with 512Kb Level 2 cache and...

Controp Optimizes Stabilized EO Systems for Mast Mounted Vehicular Applications

At Aero-India 2011 Controp is introducing two new stabilized EO systems, optimized for vehicular platforms. The new, remotely controlled, gyro-stabilized Modular Electro-Optical System (MEOS). The system employs an open architecture similar to Controp's CEDAR product line, yet MEOS also features a two-axis gyro-stabilized platform, enabling installation on vehicular platforms, as well as elevated mast mounting. The system employs day and night...

Unattended Ground Sensor Combines Radar & Imaging Camera into Persistent Ground Sensor

Seraphim has integrated the Elta EL/M-2112 radar with its Mini Unattended Ground Imager (MUGI) to deliver what it calls the 'Ultimate Gap Filler' (UGF) designed to plug uncovered areas in a highly protected perimeter. Photo: Seraphim
Seraphim has introduced an advanced, persistent ground sensor comprising a radar and imaging sensor claimed to provide the Ultimate Gap Filler (UGF) for border protection and persistent surveillance of targets of interest in complex terrain.

IDF Embarks on ‘Zayad Phase 2’ Digital Battle Command System

Israel's Defense Forces (IDF) has embarked on the Digital Army Program (DAP) follow-on phase, extending the fielding of 'Tzayad' systems to more IDF divisions. The prime contractor Elbit Systems announced today the reciept of a $40 million order from thr Israeli Ministry of Defense, part of a multi-year program valued about $300 million. The program will be performed over...

AN/DAS-4: Sharper Eyes for the Reaper

The U.S. Air Force awarded Raytheon a $90 million first-lot production contract for the next-generation Multi-Spectral Targeting System. As the latest variant of the MTS family of sensors, AN/DAS-4 incorporates greater fire control and Target Location Accuracy technology for precise coordinates.

Israeli Missiles, RWS to Equip Philippine Navy Combat Boats

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will supply three Mini Typhoon remotely controlled weapon mounts to arm three multi-purpose attack crafts (MPAC MKIII) of the Philippine Navy. The contract amount is $12 million

C4 Networking Architecture

Start < Page 9 of 10 > C4 architecture employed at the Brigade level and above, requires multiple links between distributed and remote command posts, integrated into the brigade's C4 network. Past systems required vertical integration of every branch, by parallel communications links resulting in complex, costly and unreliable networking solutions. Current systems are integrated over a common mesh network infrastructure,...

Kill Assist Adverse Weather Targeting System (KAATS)

Another SAR aided guidance system developed by Boeing for the US Navy, uses target cueing based on Synthetic Aperture Radar/Ground Moving Target Indication (SAR/GMTI) imaging, which automatically extracts information for JDAM targeting. The information received from the airborne surveillance sensor, to continuously track mobile targets and send targeting cues via data-link, in real-time, to JDAM weapons after release, on their way...

Taiwan To Upgrade Half F-CK-1 of its Fleet By Year’s End

By year's end Taiwan plans to complete modernizing about half of the fleet of its locally built 'Indigenous Defense Fighter' (IDF). The upgrade will enable the Taiwan Air Force to maintain the aircraft in service through 2030.