The German Navy – The Way Forward?

F125 class frigate for the german Navy
One of the largest fleets in NATO, the German Navy appears to have escaped most of the recent cuts imposed by the government’s austerity plan, since construction of the new vessels and upgrades for existing platforms seems to continue. However, the planned reduction of 60 percent in its defense budget could have negative effect in the future, if the government decides to press on with the cuts.

Skynet Constellation Expands to Cover the Asia-Pacific

Airbus Defence and Space announced this week that it is moving the SkyNet 5A military satellite to the Asia Pacific region to extend its coverage in this area. The move will provide worldwide coverage for the first time.

Are Iraqi Security Forces Up to the Challenge?

US Pull-Out from Iraq Part II: By David Eshel What is the real combat value of Iraqi security forces, and against what kind of threats? And more important, to what extent are the Iraqi forces already penetrated by subversive elements? In Iraq, each of the various ethnic and religious groupings sees itself in an irreconcilable, perhaps mortal, confrontation with the others. Each...

Psyops and the Battle for Marjah

Photo above: F Company (Fire Support) 1 Royal Welsh in position in the area of west of Gorbay Noray, as part of Operation Moshtaraq. February 14, 2010. Photo credit: SSgt Mark Jones British Army, Crown Copyright. As the campaign to take over the town of Marjah enters its second day, the fog of battle has somewhat dissipated, bringing to light...

Special Forces Mobility

The opportunity to sell thousands of medium and light tactical vehicles to SOCOM has attracted almost all major US military vehicle manufacturers to last months’ Modern Day Marine 2012 expo (MDM) in Quantico, and is bound to repeat here at AUSA this week. Some of these requirements address certain ‘special application’, particularly combat rescue. Others are needed to replace...

Saab, Swiss UAV Partner to Offer a Combined Family of VTOL UAVs

Saab and Swiss UAV (SUAV) have signed a strategic partnership agreement to introduce cost-efficient vertical take off and landing (VTOL) Unmanned Airborne Systems (UAS). The agreement covers collaboration regarding the design and testing of systems developed by the two companies, including the Skeldar system developed by Saab and the Neo and Koax systems developed by the Swiss company and...

Future Combat Systems Team Selects Centralized Controller Provider

Lockheed Martin was selected by the FCS team to develop the Centralized Controller to provide a single, hand-held device to be used by warfighters of the FCS 'Unit of Action' (UA), allowing them to operate and control various unmanned systems. The controller will provide access to over 750 remotely controlled assets within each brigade at any particular time. The...

Guardian Add-On Missile-Defense System Being Tested on a KC135 Tanker

A U.S. Air National Guard's KC-135 air refueling aircraft equipped with the Northrop Grumman Guardian Anti-Missile Defense System has completed air worthiness flight testing. The aircraft, operating with the 190th Air Refueling Wing (ARW) began flight testing on January 11, 2011 and is scheduled to continue the Operational Utility Evaluation (OUE) activities through the second quarter of 2011, to include additional flights and system tests at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.

Serious Implications of the Hurmoz Naval Incident

At 08:00 am local time on Sunday as a US Navy cruiser, destroyer and frigate were on their way into the Gulf when they were buzzed by the speedboats, which dropped several unidentified boxes in the water in front of them. Five Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy (IRGCN) speedboats then made threatening passes against three US Navy vessels passing...

First Nirbhay Cruise Missile Test Fails

India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is preparing for the first flight test of an Indian cruise missile tomorrow, March 12, 2013 at the missile test range at Chandipur, Odisha. Under the planned test, Nirbhay (Fearless) will be required to complete a flight of 1,000 km, representing the weapon's operational range.

New Tactical 3DHFDF Fixes High-Frequency Radios in 160 Miliseconds

A compact three dimensional (3D) high frequency (HF) radio direction finder technology developed by a team of communication intelligence (COMINT) experts at Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) Elta Systems group enables law enforcement and military users to effectively intercept, locate and tap HF radio transmissions hitherto performed only by stationary monitoring stations that are typically operated by national intelligence agencies....

MBDA Introduces Futuristic UAV Weapon Approach

MBDA unveiled today a new member of its ‘Concept Vision’ system ideas, a futuristic weapon systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) the company’s scientists consider could mature in the next 20 year timeframe.

How Effective Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense is Against Countermeasures?

While the US administration openly stated confidence in its Ground Based Interceptors (GBI), research analysts from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) warn that such weapons may not be sufficient to protect from a deliberate attack launched by North Korea, since the current level of missile defense technology has not matured yet to the level enabling the defense systems to engage realistic-complex targets, or discriminate between real decoys and real warheads

Japan Formally Commits To Buying First F-35s at Increased Price

F35 for Japan
Japan’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced that it has agreed to buy 4 Lockheed Martin F-35A Joint Strike Fighters (JSF) at a cost of $128.61 million each, an increase of $3.7 million over the $124.83 million price negotiated last December. The four aircraft are scheduled for delivery in Fiscal Year 2016.