Libya: Italy Agrees to Allow Armed U.S. Drone Missions from Sicily – WSJ

The Italian government last month quietly began allowing armed American drones to fly out of the US Naval Air Station Sigonella on the island of Sicily, on military operations against Islamic State in Libya and across North Africa — a breakthrough for Washington after more than a year of negotiations. U.S. drones have been based in Sigonella since 2011...

Spain To fly Predator B Reaper Drones

The government of Spain has selected General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA‑ASI) to deliver Predator B/MQ-9 Reaper Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) systems to the Spanish Air Force. The aircraft will support the nation’s airborne surveillance and reconnaissance requirements.The Spanish Ministry of Defense has awarded GA-ASI the delivery of one Predator B RPA system for the Spanish Armed Forces to include four aircraft...

German ‘SmartRadar’ Demonstrates Aerial Ground Surveillance (AGS), Maritime Surveillance Missions

An airborne ground surveillance radar developed by Cassidian (EADS' defense and security division) was recently demonstrated in flight testing. The new AESA-based radar is designed to detect targets over land and sea, with maximum resolution. Cassidian defines the new system as a 'SMART radar', for 'Scalable Modular Aerospace Radar Technology', featuring software-defined sensor architecture and flexible adaptation to various...

HUD-less JSF Test Flys Helmet Mounted Display System

A Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS) made by Vision Systems International, LLC (VSI) recently flew for the first time on an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft. It was worn by Lockheed Martin's Jon Beesley, who piloted the advanced fighter. The HMDS provides the pilot video with imagery in day or night conditions combined with precision symbology to give the pilot situational...

Israel, India set to Conduct Multiple Barak 8 / LRSAM Tests Soon

India and Israel are likely to conduct the first at-sea trial of the Barak 8 medium range surface to air missile system (MRSAM), on board an Israel Navy vessel. Jointly developed by the two countries, the weapon provides an area air defense protecting vessels against any adversary weapons the Indian or israeli may face, including missiles, aircraft and drones.

Elbit Systems’ Subsidiary to Produce Remote Weapon Stations in Brazil

Ares, a Brazilian subsidiary of Elbit Systems will supply the Brazilian Armed Forces remotely Controled Weapon Stations (RCWS). REMAX is a stabilized weapon station for 12.7/7.62 mm machine guns that was Specifically designed by Ares to meet Brazilian Army requirements as part of the VBTP program. The system have been successfully tested and fielded in Brazilian Army Guarani 6X6 vehicles.. Some of the Brazilian VBTP vehicles are also armed with a larger weapon station mounting the 30mm automatic cannon.

News analysis: Arab spring reviving ISIS’ Islamic Caliphate

In this first part in a series outlining the violently evolving middle east, this essay written by Defense-Analyst David Eshel covers the evolution of Da'ish (aka ISIS, ISIL) from the collapse of Iraq, by operation 'Iraqi Freedom' and the chaos triggered by President Obama's Middle East 'Arab Spring' campaign of 2009.

Israel Tested Two Arrow-3 Interceptors Today

Today, Israel conducted a successful flight test of the Arrow Weapon System (AWS) and the Arrow 3 interceptor, which is designed to intercept ballistic missiles outside of the earth’s atmosphere. The test was performed at a test site in central Israel, and led by the system's prime contractor Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

Modern Land Warfare Technology Trends – AUSA 2006 Review

The annual meeting of the US Army Association (AUSA), held during the second week of October 2006 provided an excellent opportunity to assess the trends and opportunities of modern defense technology. The exhibition and presentations covered many topics, some are covered in the following briefs. In general, the highlights of this year's exhibition followed the show's slogan "boots on the...

MC-27J multi-mission tactical transport aircraft completes first flight

Alenia Aermacchi has recently completed the first flight of a fully customized MC-27J multi-mission tactical transport aircraft at the company's test flight center at Turin, Italy.

Dominating the New High Ground

The growing use of improvised, weaponized drones triggered a new interest in counter-UAV capabilities. Such countermeasures are required to warn the unit on the presence of drones in their area and have the ability to disrupt and defeat those drones when required. Until now, such unavailable were not available in the region. Although US forces have deployed some off-the-shelf C-UAV capabilities in the Middle-East since 2016, most of these technologies were not exportable to allied nations.

India’s Largest Carrier INS Vikramaditya Arrives at Karwar Home Port

India's newest and biggest ever warship, the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, has arrived yesterday at its home port of Karwar in Karnataka, in the southwestern coast of India, after an uninterrupted six-week sail from northern Russia. In November 2013 the 44,500 ton vessel completed a modification and refurbishment process that lasted nine years. The aircraft carrier will now go through...

F-35A Drops Guided Weapons over China Lake

An F-35A completed the first in-flight weapons release of a 2,000 pound GBU-31 BLU-109 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) over the China Lake test range yesterday, October 16, 2012. Photo: Lockheed Martin
An F-35A completed the first in-flight weapons release of a 2,000 pound GBU-31 BLU-109 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) over the China Lake test range yesterday, October 16, 2012.

US: Taliban Attack Didn’t Compromise Pakistani Nukes

Despite rumors that nuclear weapons were stored at the base, US officials said that the country's nuclear stockpile were never in danger of falling into Taliban hands. Pakistani military officials also confirmed there were no nuclear weapons being housed at Minhas.