Boeing Launches Free Electron Laser (FEL) Weapon Demonstrator to Protect Future All-Electric Vessels

The Boeing Company is developing a new megawatt scale laser weapon for the U.S. Navy. This power level is considered essential for ship defense. The system will comprise a Free Electron Laser (FEL), which emits the high power electron beam shaped through a series of powerful magnetic fields, exiting the intense emission of laser light. The FEL based weapon...

Rheinmetall Conducts Sea Trials of a Naval Laser Gun

Rheinmetall and the German Bundeswehr have successfully tested a high-energy laser effector installed on a German warship operating on the high seas. For the test Rheinmetall mounted a 10-kilowatt high-energy laser (HEL) effector on a MLG 27 light naval gun mounted on the ship.

China May be Preparing for Third Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Test In January

China may be planning to conduct an anti-satellite (ASAT) test sometime this month, The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) claims in a recent post published by USC China Project Director Gregory Kulacki. Unlike previous tests conducted at the lower earth orbit, this test could be aimed at the medium orbit, at an altitude of 20,000 km above earth

MUSIC Demonstrates Laser DIRCM Capability

The MUSIC family of Directed Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) systems was demonstrated recently at the annual, multinational EMBOW exercise. Elbit Systems is currently under contract to supply more than 110 DIRCM systems to over ten customers, for installation on 20 different fixed and rotary-wing platform types.

Lockheed Martin Demonstrates High-Energy Laser C-RAM Application

The Lockheed Martin Area Defense Anti-munitions (ADAM) prototype laser weapon system successfully destroyed a rocket target from a range of 1.6 kilometers. The complete engagement - from target acquisition, tracking to illumination and destruction took approximately three seconds.

Mobile / Tactical High Energy Laser (M-THEL) Technology Demonstration Program

The fixed-site version Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL) THEL, was developed by TRW Inc. under a $89 million contract. During several tests in the USA, the system has shot down 25 Katyusha rockets, but has not been deployed. The system also known as Nautilus, has not progressed much since the end of the demonstration program,...

Northrop Grumman Introduces a new Weaponized Solid-State Laser

The new Firestrike 15kW laser source can be employed as stand-alone system or be stacked into high power directed energy weapon systems Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) is introducing a new, fully developed 'weapon-class' high power solid-state laser dubbed 'Firestrike', designed as a ruggedized, line replaceable unit (LRU) for battlefield applications. According to the company, the new laser can be stacked...

Solid state Laser Demonstrates Scalability to 100KW

The Boeing Company announced last week that its new thin-disk laser system was repeatedly demonstrated laser firing at 25 kilowatt in recent tests, achieving the highest known simultaneous power, beam quality and run time for any solid-state laser to date. The Boeing laser integrates multiple thin-disk lasers into a single system. Through these successful tests, the Boeing team...

The U.S. Army’s Tactical High-Energy Laser Weapon is Underway

Boeing Receves First Award for the development of a high energy, solid state laser weapon demonstrator The US Army has awarded Boeing $36 million phase II contract funding continued development of a technology demonstration mobile high-energy solid-state laser weapon system, as part of the Mobile High Energy Laser Technology Demonstration (HEL-TD) program. Boeing is one of two teams competing for...

Rheinmetall Tests a Weapon Station for Laser Weapons

Rheinmetall has tested a new laser weapon station that can carry laser weapons up to 100 kW power level and be integrated on combat vehicles. In recent tests, the system successfully engaged drones and mortar rounds at operationally relevant ranges. Equally suitable for ground, air and naval operations, the assemblies are modular and scalable in design, to meet different applications.

Skyguard – Laser Based Counter- MANPADS / C-RAM System

Northrop Grumman is proposing a derivative of its high power chemical laser system to be used as a ground based interceptor of man-portable anti-aircraft missiles which could be used by terrorists trying to hit passenger aircraft. The new system, called Skyguard will use the high-energy chemical laser known as THEL, designed to protect against rocket, artillery and mortar (RAM) threats....

An Israeli Radar to Guide an Asian Mobile Laser Weapon

RADA Electronic Industries announced today its RPS-42 radar system has been selected by a country in the Far East to be used in the development and evaluation of High-Energy Laser (HEL) weapon system. The announcement follows the the selection of these Israel's radar for similar programs in North America and Europe. The RPS-42 is a member of the Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar...

Gamma Laser Demonstrates Burning Through an Anti-Ship Missile Skin

Northrop Grumman has test fired a ruggedized and compact high power solid-state laser designed to form the basic module of future, operational laser weapons.

Lockheed Martin Demonstrates Hi-Power Electric Fiber-Laser

Lockheed Martin has demonstrated the feasibility of generating 30-kilowatt electric fiber laser, the highest power ever documented while retaining beam quality and electrical efficiency. The successful demonstration marks a significant milestone on the path to deploying a mission-relevant laser weapon system for a wide range of air, land and sea military platforms. “The high-energy laser serves as the heart...