Elbit Systems Extends Dismounted C2 System to Infantry Squads and SF Teams

PNR-1000A network radio and the Raptor computing device are the two main elements of Elbit Systems' new Dominator II LD optimized for squad-level C2. The gross weight of the system is 2.2 pounds - less than one kilogram. Photo: Elbit Systems
Elbit Systems of Israel has introduced a subset of the Dominator IICS integrated combat system designed for the dismounted soldier.

SOCOM Orders Falcon Wideband Tactical Radios for $36 Million

Harris Corporation has received $36 million in orders from U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to accelerate its deployment of an advanced wideband tactical communications system. The company will provide Falcon III wideband AN/PRC-117G manpack and AN/PRC-152A handheld radios that will sustain Special Operations Forces wireless broadband capabilities at remote locations independent of existing infrastructure. “Our Falcon radios wirelessly extend the reach of network services such as...

JEM Gains SATCOM Access Via Software Upgrade

Thales Communications Inc. (the US subsidiary of the Thales Group) is now certified to offer the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) SATCOM integrated Waveform (IW) with its AN/PRC-148 Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Enhanced Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio (MBITR), also known as ‘JEM’.

IAI, Thales Integrate a New Datalink in Heron UAS

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Thales have conducted risk reduction flight tests for the integration of Thales and Elisra’s NATO STANAG 7085 data link on board the Heron Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (MALE UAV).

WIN-T – The Army’s Tactical Backbone

WIN-T Increment 2 gear tested on an M-ATV during the Network Integration Evaluation exercise, 2011.
Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) and its latest incremental upgrade known as Increment 2 (WIN-T Inc 2) are a central part of CS-13. It will also provide all Army units a common networking baseline layer, enabling full connectivity between units utilizing new generation systems (JTRS, AWN2, etc) and those that still rely on legacy systems (SINCGARS etc), allowing each unit to use its equipment with utmost efficiency and capacity.

Falcon III Selected for Polish Tactical Radio Networks

Harris Corporation will supply the Polish Ministry of National Defense new radio sets under an order worth US$61 million. Poland is acquiring Harris Falcon III AN/PRC-117G manpack and AN/PRC-152A handheld radios for the next phase of its tactical radio modernization. These radios will provide Poland’s armed forces with secure wideband combat net radio, tactical satellite and ground-to-air communications. Both...

AN/PRC-117G Software Release adds Broader Network Support, Airborne Apps

The latest software release for the Falcon III AN/PRC-117G multiband manpack radio system significantly broadens its's network-enabled mission capabilities by introducing a new 'Sky Mode', for airborne applications and expanding network support to 30 individual nodes.

Harris Introduces Ultra High Capacity Data Radio

Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) is introducing a new high-speed broadband, line-of-sight network radio supporting transfer throughput rate in excess of 70 Mbps. The new system dubbed RF- 300W is designed to transfer internet protocol communications from point to point, over distances of up to 50 kilometers, under clear line-of-sight conditions. A lightweight and compact system, the radio provides ireless data...

AN/GSR-9/10 Family of Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS)

Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) are a central element in the U.S. Army Brigade Combat Team modernization effort. Part of the FCS Spin-Out program are two UGS systems developed by Textron Systems - the AN/GSR-9 Tactical-UGS and AN/GSR-10 Urban-UGS sensors, (also known as the Urban Military Operations in Urban Terrain Advanced Sensor System – UTASS).   The two sensors will operate with...

Two More Global Hawks to Receive BACN Coms Gateways

Northrop Grumman Corporation was awarded $47.2 million by the U.S. air Force for the acquisition of two additional Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) payloads to be integrated on existing Block 20 Global Hawk aircraft.

IAF Looks at Ad-Hoc Networking for Future Communications

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is planning to deploy an advanced communications network, the MOD has invited several international companies to participate in an international tender to offer software defined radio based communications for the networks’ airborne and ground based segments. Initial testing are expected to commence in February 2013. The companies competing in this program are IAI and...

Personal Role Radio

PRR is a short range radio operating independently of any infrastructures. Currently available systems are functioning in the 2.4GHz and High UHF bands, offering effective short range communications with low interference and adequate bandwidth utilization. Most systems are offering duplex conference operating modes, and selective one-to-one (peer to peer) communications. PRR communicators rely on a network concentrator unit (which...

AN/PRC-148 (JEM) – JTRS Enhanced Multi-Band Inter/Intra Team Radio

The AN/PRC-148 JTRS Enhanced MBITR, (JEM), is based on the  AN/PRC-148 MBITR developed by Thales Communications. Thales Communications is the prime contractor for the JTRS JEM Program (formerly Cluster 2). JEM Operating Environment is certified Software Communications Architecture SCA 2.2 compliant. SCA is the baseline architecture for future JTRS based software-defined radios. The new radio is also undergoing certification for...

Skynet Constellation Expands to Cover the Asia-Pacific

Airbus Defence and Space announced this week that it is moving the SkyNet 5A military satellite to the Asia Pacific region to extend its coverage in this area. The move will provide worldwide coverage for the first time.