MKU Unveils Body Armor, Helmet with Integrated Support to Wearable Systems

Indian military equipment manufacturer MKU is introducing at Defexpo a body armor integrated with a health monitoring system that provides effective, lightweight protection and supports the combatants with connectivity

Bionic Ears Provide Combat Advantage, Hearing Protection for the Warfighter

Warfighters pay a high price for lack of auditory protection, but often they consider such price justified, for it keeps them sharp to react quickly and effectively, thus staying alive in combat. Sharpening the warfighter's hearing while while protecting them from short and long terms risks, next generation of hearing protection are expected soon at a battlefield near you...

Clean Energy from Israel supports a German Command Vehicle Demonstrator at Eurosatory

Kissling Service is demonstrating at Eurosatory a complete command post configuration based on a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon 'Command Post Concept SUV' that comprises multiple VHF/UHF-radios, a Satellite-Telephone, a C-IED-Jammer, Reconnaissance systems, a smoke grenade launcher and an IP-based intercom system. A clean energy solution based on high power density Li-Ion battery from Epsilor supports many hours of extensive operations, without running the engine at high RPM.

AN/PRC-117G Software Release adds Broader Network Support, Airborne Apps

The latest software release for the Falcon III AN/PRC-117G multiband manpack radio system significantly broadens its's network-enabled mission capabilities by introducing a new 'Sky Mode', for airborne applications and expanding network support to 30 individual nodes.

Integrated Communications C4I Systems For Security Applications

Advanced wireless communications integrated with command, control and computer systems are combined with the IDF new Tactical Operational Command and Control Headquarters system (TORC2H) deployed by the for border security was integrated by  Elbit Systems, unifying sensors, security forces and command centers into the regional security C2 system. The system utilizes C2 and GIS  software tools provided by ARCNet, to ...

IAI, Thales Integrate a New Datalink in Heron UAS

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Thales have conducted risk reduction flight tests for the integration of Thales and Elisra’s NATO STANAG 7085 data link on board the Heron Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (MALE UAV).

Long Range Acoustic Device – LRAD

LRAD – is a long-range hailing and warning, directed acoustic device designed to communicate with authority and exceptionally high intelligibility in a 15-30 degree beam. LRAD can issue a verbal challenge with instructions in excess of 500 meters and has the capability of following up with a warning tone to influence behavior or determine intent. The "hailing and warning"...

New Datalink for the New MQ-8C Firescout

Cubic Defense Applications is developing a new multiband digital data link system for the MQ-8C Fire Scout unmanned helicopter.Cubic is developing the new datalink under a $3.7 million contract awarded by the MQ-8C prime contractor Northrop Grumman.

Liquid Robotics Offers Wave Glider Robots to the Military

Liquid Robotics, developer of the Wave Glider autonomous robotic surface platform for ocean surveying is broadening its activity to offer government and military solutions by establishing the new Federal Business unit. The new unit is expected to double the number of employees over the next months, in anticipation to the growing potential and interest from Government agencies.

H4855 Personal Role Radio (PRR)

The system uses Wireless LAN technology, transmitting 50mW over the 2.4GHz band, operating a CVSD voice codec over modified 802.11 data communications protocol, the system offers low-probability of interception and detection and is designed to perform in dense electromagnetic environment. The system supports both broadcast (commander to troops or a private conversation between two units) The PRR has an...

AN/PRC-148 (JEM) – JTRS Enhanced Multi-Band Inter/Intra Team Radio

The AN/PRC-148 JTRS Enhanced MBITR, (JEM), is based on the  AN/PRC-148 MBITR developed by Thales Communications. Thales Communications is the prime contractor for the JTRS JEM Program (formerly Cluster 2). JEM Operating Environment is certified Software Communications Architecture SCA 2.2 compliant. SCA is the baseline architecture for future JTRS based software-defined radios. The new radio is also undergoing certification for...

German Army to Get Software Defined Radios for the Infantry

The German Federal Ministry of Defense (MOD) has selected Telefunken Radio Communications Systems (RACOMS), to equip its infantry units with the PNR1000 advanced soldier radio, part of Elbit Systems’ E-Lynx family of Software Defined Radios (SDR). The new radios will be used at the platoon and company levels

IAI Develops C4 Apps for Israel’s F-35 ADIR

Following a successful testing, the Command, Control, Communications and Computing (C4) systems for Israel’s F-35I ‘Adir’

MALE UAV Systems – Persistent UAS Platforms

Start < Page 3 of 5 > Persistent assets are employed to assist ground units and provide real-time, high resolution imagery. Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) platforms, such as the General Atomics Predator, Northrop Grumman/ IAI Hunter and EADS/IAI Eagle operating at medium altitudes, from 15-25,000' are designed to use multiple sensors on a single mission. Usually these assets will support operations in a...