IRST sensors, expendable Jammers for the Swedish Gripen-E

Selex ES to supply 60 InfraRed Search and Track (IRST) Skyward for Saab's Gripen E. With the recent contract, added to AESA radar and IFF systems, Finmeccanica– Selex ES already provides about 30 percent of the Swedish next-generation fighter's electronics.

Fielding of Russian Special-Mission Aircraft Delayed Until 2013-2014

The Russian Air Force has contracted the Tupolev design bureau to develop and produce two prototypes of special-mission versions of its Tu-214 commercial transport aircraft, designated Tu-214R, developed under the codename ‘Project 141’.

Spectrum Implements JTRS Soldier Radio Waveform in Miniature Modem

Spectrum Signal Processing by Vecima (CA:VCM) a provider of software reconfigurable radio technology, has implemented the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) Electronic Warfare (EW) physical layer on its flexComm SDR-4000 software reconfigurable transceiver. The SRW-Electronic Counter-Counter-Measure (ECCM) modem is designed for sensor and handheld applications, providing robust communications in environments subjected to interference or jamming. It...

Raytheon Acquires Applied Signal Technology for $490 Million in Cash

Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) announced its plans to acquire Applied Signal Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: APSG) for about $490 million. Applied Signal technology is a specialist in signals intelligence (SIGINT) communications intelligence and electronic warfare (EW) systems. The agreement has been approved by the boards of directors of both companies. Pending the successful completion of the tender offer, the transaction...

Carbon fiber clouds hiding naval destroyers from anti-ship missiles

The US Navy has tested radar absorbing carbon-fiber cloud generators on board ships, which could be used to protect naval vessels from attacks by radar-guided anti-ship and air-launched cruise missiles

Winning Infrastructure – The Case for Network Centric Warfare

The Case for Network Centric Warfare By Oren Barkai, Senior System Architect, Government & Defense Solutions, ECI Telecom  The purpose of the Network Centric Warfare (NCW) doctrine is to translate information supremacy into strategic fighting advantages. Today, an army's ability to share information is crucial to a successful military agenda, leading governments to deploy NCW-based communication infrastructure as an integral part of...

MUSIC Demonstrates Laser DIRCM Capability

The MUSIC family of Directed Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) systems was demonstrated recently at the annual, multinational EMBOW exercise. Elbit Systems is currently under contract to supply more than 110 DIRCM systems to over ten customers, for installation on 20 different fixed and rotary-wing platform types.

Israeli-Designed Mini Corvettes to Replace Eight Hetz Missile Boats

With ongoing domestic procurement of naval weapon systems for Magen corvettes and Dolphin submarines, and growing export opportunities, naval programs become an important growth opportunity for Israel’s defense industries.

Smart IED-Jammer Provides Electronic Surveillance

Cassidian has developed a new-generation multifunctional jamming system that combines the smart jamming functionality with signals intelligence, allowing detailed understanding of the threat, thus significantly improving mission planning and force protection.