DCNS, Airbus Defense & Space to jointly develop a shipborne helicopter UAS

Airbus Defense & Space and DCNS will jointly develop a shipborne unmanned helicopter to be seamlessly integrated into the ship’s combat system, extending the vessel's 'eyes and ears' into the sky.

New Scout SV armoured vehicle unveiled at DVD

General Dynamics UK (GDUK) unveiled today the Scout Specialist Vehicle (SV) at the DVD event in Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK. This is the first of a new generation of armoured vehicles being developed for the British Army. The vehicle is a pre-production prototype of the 'Protected Mobility Recce Support' (PMRS) variant designed and built for the British Army....

Supacat, Thales Deliver prototypes for Australian Testing and Evaluation

Evaluation of new combat vehicles for the Australian Army will sonn begin, with the delivery of the first Hawkei protected vehicle by Thales, for Project LAND 121 Phase 4. Supacat also delivered the first improved Special Operations Vehicles (SOV) developed under Project JP2097 Phase 1B.

Thermal Binocular System (TBS)

TBS is used for medium to long-range observation and reconnaissance. The binocular, hand-held, battery-operated thermal imager to be used by field commanders and squad leaders. TBS will provide Marines commanders a Tactical Range Thermal Imager (TRTI) solution, augmenting the night vision equipment currently used, which can be employed only at night. When deployed with the USMC service, TBS will...

TARES – Tactical Advanced Recce Strike System

TARES attack drone is based on the Taifun attack UAV. Unlike its predecessor, which operated autonomously, the new UAV is designed to facilitate "man in the loop" operation.  TARES will provide IIR and radar images and automatic target identification capabilities. When high priority targets are detected, TARES will be able to switch mode and attack them. The drone will have a...

Latrun 2010 – Unmanned Systems on Display

This photographic report is the third part of our coverage of the Latrun 2010 land warfare conference and exhibitions. This feature highlights some of the unmanned systems at the show, beginning with the Guardium, which recently entered operational service with the IDF, as part of the border security measures employed along one of the country's hot border lines. Another...

Oshkosh Unveils Special Operations Vehicle

Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE:OSK), is unveiling its new Special Purpose All-Terrain Vehicle (S-ATV) designed for unconventional and reconnaissance missi

Israel Deploys OFEK 16 Spy Satellite in Orbit

The Space Administration in the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), of the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD), and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), have successfully launched the “Ofek 16” reconnaissance satellite into space, today (6.07.2020), at 4:00 AM. The launch was performed from the Palmachim Airbase in Israel, a launch site based south of Tel Aviv in central Israel, using a “Shavit” launcher.

AeroVironment to Market Cybaero VTUAVs in the US

CybAero APID 60 'Tier II' unmanned Vertical Take off and Landing Unmanned Aerial System (VTUAV). Aerovironment now plans to market this system in the US, positioning it to fulfil new requirements for responsive ISR in support of land and naval forces. Photo: CybAero
US UAV company AeroVironment pursue VTUAV opportunities in US and NATO, teaming with the Swedish company CybAero to market medium-weight unmanned helicopters.

Da-Vinci tri-copter is built for urban warfare

Da-Vinci, a Compact, lightweight VTOL multi-rotor UAS Platform is launched today at the AUSA 2014 in Washington DC. The developer is Flying Productions, a young Israeli company that has developed the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone for military and law enforcement missions in urban areas.

Extendable Stick Turns Micro Robot into a Pole Cam

ReconRobotics has introduced a new, versatile add-on to the Recon Scout Micro Robot enabling the use of the robot either as a remotely controlled sensor or static, elevated 'Pole Cam'. The novel device enables military scouts to mount the Micro Robot on the 20 inch (0.52 m) long 'Recon Scout Search Stick', a quipped with actuated jaws that grasp...

FRES-SV, Warrior Upgrades Likely to be a ‘Winner Takes All’ Match

Two major armored vehicle acquisition programs running in parallel in the UK are nearing critical milestones in the upcoming months. With the Scout Vehicle (SV) become the top priority FRES vehicle, and the imminent selection of prime contractor for the Warrior Upgrade program, it is likely that both programs will select one winner, offering the Army with training and...

Visual profiler accelerates target processing from aerial, satellite imagery

Video Inform is introducing an advanced target detection and acquisition capability at the AUSA 2014 event, unveiling the ‘Visual Profiler’, a cutting-edge cognitive vision technology extracting intelligence information from aerial or satellite imagery. The system can be used as a stand-alone solution or as an add-on to an existing Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and imagery management system.

BAE Systems Unveils an RG-35 Optimized for Canada’s TAPV Requirements

BAE Systems has unveiled the RG-35 RPU, promoted for the Canadian Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle (TAP-V) program. The RPU is designed to offer very high survivability for the crew and be adapted for patrols and recconnaissance or tactical utility transport.