Guardium Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Guardium autonomous observation and target intercept system was developed by G-NIUS Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles joint venture company established by Israel Aerospace Industries and Elbit Systems. The Guardium system employs autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) which can be operated from a command center, carry out routine patrols and quickly respond to evolving emergencies. They can suppress suspicious elements close...

F-16 Downs a Cruise Missile with APKWS

The US Air Force successfully demonstrated the intercept of an aerial target using the AGR-20A Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) laser-guided rocket. This proof of concept can have implications for homeland defense missions, Combined Defense of the Arabian Gulf.

REMBASS II – Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System

The principal UGS system used by the US military is the AN/GSR-8 Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System (REMBASS II), which detects, classifies and determines the direction of movement of intruding personnel and vehicles. The system uses three basic sensor transducers, including a basic seismic/acoustic multi-sensor, which can be fitted with passive infrared (PIR) or magnetic plug-in modules. Each unit...

Could Tehran’s EMAD Missile Outsmart Israel’s Arrow 3?

Iran has test fired a new missile equipped with maneuverable, re-entry-vehicle (MARV) warhead, capable of hitting targets with accuracy four times better than previous Shahab and Ghadr missiles.

Lifting the Veil of Israel’s Classified Laser Weapon Program

Israel’s Ministry of Defense revealed today a major achievement in a high energy laser program undergoing with the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D). Investments in laser technology made by the department have led to the ability to precisely focus laser beams on long-range targets, overcoming atmospheric disturbances.

Multi-Object Kill Vehicle (MOKV) Begins to Take Shape

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and Raytheon have completed the first Program Planning Review on the future Multi-Object Kill Vehicle (MOKV) concept, a key step toward defining critical aspects of its design. This milestone ensures that the development plan is aligned with the MDA's expectations, and on track for an upcoming Concept Review in December.

Iran plans fielding Bavar 373 air & missile defense system this year

Iran unveiled yesterday the Bavar-373, an indigenous long-range air defense missile defense system employing Sayyad-3 (Hunter III) interceptor during the Army National Day parade. Iran launched the indigenous development program after the delivery of Russian S300 systems was suspended under the sanctions imposed on Iran by the UN in 2010. Immediately after the cancellation of the Russian sale Iran displayed a mockup of a similar weapon during a military march in Tehran, claiming it is developing its own version of the system.

M26/X26 Taser Gun – Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) Weapon

The M-26 / X-26 advanced Taser gun fires two probes up to 21 feet from a replaceable air cartridge. These probes are connected to the weapon by high-voltage insulated wire. The M-26 uses a new ElectroMuscular Disruption (EMD) weapon technology that can completely override the central nervous system and directly control the skeletal muscles. When the probes make contact...

RAM MkIII Armored Vehicle: Rough and Tough

The latest version of the IAI/RAMTA RAM armored vehicle - the RAM Mk3 AT debuts today at the FIDAE airshow. Configured as an anti-tank weapon carrier the vehicle equipped with a weapon station carrying four laser guided anti-tank missiles.

Autonomous Tracked ATVs Roam the UAE Desert

Sand-X Motors has launched an unmanned version of its Tracked All-Terrain Vehicle (T-ATV 1200).

Fast Patrol Boats in Coastal Defense

Start < Page 1 pf 3 > Above: Concept view of the new MRTP 33, a stretched version of the MRTP 29 boat, in service in the Turkish Navy. Below - The Russian Mirage FPB boat. Bottom: Interceptor DV-15 Fast Boats. The growing popularity of the use of boats for hobby, leisure and sport, is accelerating the growth of the fast-boat...

Searching New Home for 13,000 MRAPs

While pentagon planners are hoping to save money by scrapping thousands of mine resistant armor protected (MRAP) vehicles bought only few years ago for over US$25 billions, defense contractors could bear heavy losses if those vehicles are not maintained in operational use somewhere around the world. Wall Street Journal Robert Tita reports that the Pentagon plans of scrapping 13,000...

US considers Extended Range THAAD, enhanced BMS to defend against attacking hypersonic gliders

The US Missile defense Agency is seeking future missile defense measures that will be able to defeat hypersonic glide vehicles, similar to those being developed by the China, Russia and India.

Sandcat + SCAT = Combating Terror and Urban Violence

Plasan showcases a new variant of its Sandcat Stormer armored vehicle designed as an SUV for police, anti-terror/anti-riot rapid response, and security forces. The vehicle is equipped with remotely controlled overhead sensor and weapon system dubbed ‘SCAT’, designed specifically to address violent crowds using non-lethal means.