Latrun 2011 Conference – Photo Review

Israel's primary land conference and exhibition opened today at Latrun, featuring the country's leading defense industries showing a wide range of weapon systems, command and control and logistics support hardware. The theme of this year's event is War's Changing Environment, with day one focusing on the logistics aspect of warfare and preparedness. Addressing these chalenges, Maj. General Dan Biton, Head...

The Geographic Spread of Al Qaeda

Standing back at looking at the deteriorating situation across the Middle East and North Africa it is difficult not to conclude that with so many places now available for Al Qaeda to offer training to its adherents that soon its operating model may change yet again.

World’s First Explosive Detection Drone Unveiled at Israel’s HLS & Cyber Event

Following extensive testing in the laboratory and in the field, Laser Detect System (LDS) Ltd. is unveiling SpectroDrone – the world’s first drone-based explosive detection sensor. SpectroDrone employs LDS’s patented standoff gated laser spectroscopy techniques, proven to detect a wide range of explosive and hazardous materials at distances of several meters.

Bright Onyx – active multi-spectral chemical sensor

Akamai Physics Inc., a New Mexico based company will develop a lightweight, compact sensor to enable the U.S. government to monitor ships inbound to United States ports in an attempt to detect traces of chemical substances related to Weapons of Mass destruction (WMD). The sensor, known as Bright Onyx, will use an active multi-spectral chemical sensor, operating in the 5-um...

Active Denial System (ADS)

The Active Denial System (ADS) developed by Raytheon for the US Air Force Research Labs is a non lethal, counter-personnel directed energy non-lethal weapon which can be used against human targets at distances beyond the effective range of small arms. ADS projects a focused millimeter wave energy beam which induces intolerable heating sensation on an adversary's skin and cause...

US Navy destroyer conducts longest ever surface-air engagement with new SM-6 missiles

Over the course of three days, the crew of John Paul Jones successfully engaged six targets off the coast of Southern California, firing a total of five missiles that included four Standard Missile-6 (SM-6) missiles and one Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) missile

Cyber Maneuvering and Morphing – are Defense Networks On Course to ‘Self Awareness’?

Proactive cyber approaches to improve network defense in high-threat environments are part of a broader 'active defense' cyber security strategy lead by the White House. It has the potential to introduce dramatic improvement in information security but, would it also mean humans could be loosing control over their networks?

French Navy Integrates UAVs in Naval Combat Management System

The French defence procurement agency (DGA) and naval shipbuilder DCNS have completed a series of sea trials validating the functional integration of an unmanned aerial system operating as part of the combat system of a naval vessel. The four day test was conducted from 9-13 December 2013 as part of the SERVAL unmanned air systems (UAS) programme. (SERVAL: Système...

Asia Pacific Defense Update September 26, 2011

Boeing Offers Super Hornet F/A-18E Block II or Japan's FX | Moscow, Beijing and Tehran Discussing Missile Defense Alliance | 16 Dead in Rebel Attack in the Philippines |

Pentagon, White House Outline Policies, Rules of Engagement for Cyber Ops

Deputy assistant secretary of defense for cyber policy Eric Rosenbach cited Defense Department progress in creating a concept for operating in the newest warfare domain, building and training a joint cyber force, and updating the standing rules of engagement for operating in cyberspace to align with Presidential Policy Directive 20, or PPD-20, on cyber operations, Defense-Update reports. ...

French VBL to Equip Russian Border Guards?

Russia is in talks with French military manufacturer Panhard on the purchase of 500 VBL light armored vehicles for $260 million. The vehicles are to equip Russian Federal Security Service’s border guards units.

Saab Barracuda Expands Portfolio With ‘Soft Armor’

Defence and security company Saab subsidiary Barracuda is expanding its portfolio into ballistic protection, with Saab's acquisition of the rights to the 'Soft Armour' protection technology, from Protaurius AB.

X-Tar 3D – Air Surveillance & Tracking Radar

Orlikon Contraves unveiled the X-Tar 3D radar, which completed development recently. The new radar is proposed as a primary sensor for German and Canadian tactical air defense systems. Following the testing phase scheduled for 2006, the radar will be ready for production by early 2007. The development of X-Tar 3D follows several generations of search and acquisition radars developed by...

Drone Anti-Collision System Completes Operational Test

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) completed operational flight tests of Detect and Avoid (DAA) systems using Due Regard Radar (DRR) systems on board its GA-ASI Predator B drones. The tests confirmed that the DAA system provided the RPA pilot with a clear picture of surrounding air traffic, at least as good as 'eyes in the cockpit' of a manned aircraft.