HQ-4 Xianglong UAV Ready for Flight

The Chinese Xianglong 'Soaring Dragon' UAV was recently seen at Chengdu seemingly prepared for the first test flight. The Soaring Dragon uses an innovative 'joined wing' design, employing a conventional swept wing joined with a forward swept wing. A model depicting this configurationwas shown at the Zuhai China Airshow 2006. Xianglong is powered by a single jet engine is mounted...

Thales introduces AESA based maritime surveillance airborne radar

Thales has unveiled today the a new version of the Searchmaster multirole surveillance radar equipped with active electronic scanning antenna (AESA) technology.

EL/M-2248 MF-STAR Naval Multi-Mission Radar

The MF-STAR is a multi-function S-band solid-state active conformal phased array radar system for the new generation of military ships. As the ship's primary sensor the radar provides 3D long-range air surveillance. At medium range it will automatically track and classify threat and simultaneously, search the horizon for potential missile threats. In parallel, it supports multiple engagements by offensive...

Non Lethal Weapons Programs in the US

Start < Page 6 of 6 > Among the programs currently under development at the USMC Non Lethal Weapons Program are multi-sensory devices aimed to disable individuals within structures, a taser to incapacitate a single individual and mobility denial system that deploys slippery foam to impede the movement of foot and vehicular traffic. The US Navy is also developing non-lethal capabilities....

Voyeur – Expendable, Air Insertable Hovering Mini-UAV

Voyeur, developed by Lite Machines is designed as a canister launched, optionally expendable mini-UAV. Using folding, coaxial com counter-rotating rotors wit diameter of 30 inch (76.2 cm), the four pound (1.8 kg) flying sensor can be dropped over the target area, or launched by hand from the ground, to operate in 'hover and stare' as well as forward flight...

IAI Introduces a Naval Rotary UAV at IMDEX 09

MALAT unveiled here the Maritime Naval Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (NRUAV) being developed with under cooperation with India. In fact, the platform for the first NRUAV is the Chetak (Alouette III), widely used by the Indian Navy. The helicopter could be deployed for mission of 6 hours, up to a distance of 120 km from the launching vessel. Employed as...

A New Radar for Israel’s Missile Boats

The Israel Navy has recently equipped the first Saar 4.5 (Hetz Class) missile boat with a new, multi-mission, digital phased array radar system developed and produced in Israel by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Elta Systems.

MSSP-3 Payload

Developed by Controp, the MSSP-3 is an evolution of the MSSP-1 payload, designed for maritime patrol missions. The payload ball retains the same (400mm) diameter, but height was reduced to 570mm. Weight was cut from 48 to 42.5 kg. The 4 gimbals gyro-stabilized payload (<25microRad) which carries multiple sensors including high resolution 3rd generation FLIR with unique and powerful...

BEL, ElOp to Develop a Naval Derivative of Elbit Systems’ CoMPASS

Elbit Systems Electro-optics-Elop Ltd. from Israel and Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) of India will jointly develop a navalized, stabilised, multi-sensor electro-optical observation system based on ElOp's 'Compact Multi Purpose Advance Stabilisation System' (CoMPASS).

Artemis – Passive Staring Infrared Search Track (IRST)

Thales at Euronaval 2006 two members of a new family of staring, passive infra-red search and track (IRST) sensors designed for the Anti-Air Warfare frigates of the new generation. The systems include Artemis Medium Wave Infrared (MWIR) and Gatekeeper, Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) staring sensor arrays, designed to improve situational awareness obtained by the surface combatants, in anti-air, missile defense...

Sonardyne Maritime Security Delivers Largest Sentinel Order to Asian Customer

Sonardyne International has announced the delivery of its largest ever order of Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar systems to an undisclosed country in Asia. The sonars will be deployed to protect strategically important naval bases across the country and will be configured to provide long range, wide area detection, tracking and classification of underwater threats. The system uses Sonardyne’s latest...

Raytheon’s next generation naval radar passes milestone

The U.S. Navy and Raytheon Company have completed the critical design review (CDR) of the AN/SPY-6(V) Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR). This radar will be installed on US Navy DDG-51 Flight III missile destroyers, improving their fighting and self-defense capabilities. The company said the Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) phase of the program continues and is now more than 40 percent complete.

DCNS, Airbus Defense & Space to jointly develop a shipborne helicopter UAS

Airbus Defense & Space and DCNS will jointly develop a shipborne unmanned helicopter to be seamlessly integrated into the ship’s combat system, extending the vessel's 'eyes and ears' into the sky.

Poland is interested in an Indo-Israeli naval air defense systems

Israel and India are offering advanced, multi-mission phased array radar systems and Medium Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM) naval air defense systems to Poland. Both countries have already implemented the system with their respective navies. Warsaw has yet to specify its requirement for air defense systems for its future fleet.

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