Los Angeles-Class Nuclear Sub USS Miami Catches Fire in Dry Dock

A fire raged through the nuclear-powered Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Miami on Wednesday 23 May while sitting in a dry dock at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. The fire is reported to have started during the evening hours and was extinguished through the heroic efforts of shipyard firefighters, Miami crewmembers, and firefighters from more than...

12 New Submarines to be Assembled in South Australia

Australian Minister for Defence Stephen Smith announced today that the Government is committed to acquiring 12 new submarines to be assembled in South Australia. He added that this commitment will be reinforced as part of the 2013 Defence White Paper.

Asia Pacific defense Update – Nov. 2012 Edition

The new issue of Asia pacific Defense Update is here! This digest of 26 articles highlighting recent defense news events from the region is based on the full version (premium content) from Defense Update and other sources, brought to you in a concise, pdf edition you can store on your desktop, read on tablets and smartphones.

Hard-Charging Australian Submarine Temporarily Sidelined During RIMPAC 2012 by Leak Causing Minor Flooding

While participating at RIMPAC 2012 HMAS Farncomb experienced flooding while cruising at periscope depth during an exercise and was forced to surface. The sub sailed to Hawaii for repairs. With Farncomb’s departure from her assigned area of operations, Australia was reduced to a force of only one mission-capable submarine as the fleet’s remaining four submarines were undergoing maintenance and repairs.

South Korea Planning Major Increase in Missile Force

Poised to establish a deterrent missile force of significant size, Seoul is investment of $2.14 billion buying 500-600 Hyunmu-3 series cruise missiles. additional 84 million are to be spent on Harpoon Block II missiles for its submarines.

First Borey Submarine To Be Launched Soon

The Yury Dolgoruky, a 'fourth generation' (Project 955) Borey class nuclear missile submarine is expected to be launched this week at the Sevmash submarine shipyard in the northern Arkhangelsk Region. The new submarine is the first vessel expected to be equipped with the Bulava ballistic missile (the naval version of the SS-27 Topol M). The submarine will undergo sea...

Vanguard Class Submarines

The Vanguard class submarines maintain the UK strategic nuclear deterrent force.

The Global Submarine market Report 2011-2021

Submarines form an essential core of today’s naval fleets as a result of their flexible mission capabilities and ability to complement other strategic resources. Worldwide, 41 countries possess submarine capability and together operate 450 submarines. Most of these nations are modernizing their fleets or increasing them as a result of changing security situations. A total of 154 submarines are to be procured over the forecast period, costing US$186.3 billion.

Russian Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles Tested

Sea trials of the new Borey class nuclear submarine, "Yuriy Dolgorukiy" began last month (June 18, 2009). The new Borei class submarine is designed to carry the new generation Bulava intercontinental, submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM). Development of the Bulava has run into serious problems, but Moscow seems determined to continue the program, with the first Project 955 submarine scheduled to...

Rafael Scutter Expandable Torpedo Decoy

SCUTTER is an intelligent expandable torpedo decoy for submarines. Operating as a self-propelled decoy, SCUTTER can be launched instantly, at any depth and provide the submarine with an omnidirectional protection against attacks by all known torpedoes. On receipt of a torpedo alert, SCUTTER is launched from the Submarine Signal Ejector (SSE) or external launchers. The system is automatically activated after...

Nuclear Sub USS Miami Repairs to Cost $400 to $500 Million

Initial US Navy estimates place the cost of repairing the nuclear-powered USS Miami attack submarine, damaged in a 23 May dry dock fire, at between $400 and $500 million.

Astute Class Submarines

The construction of Astute class attack submarines is ongoing, in April 2017 MOD announced the conclusion of negotiation of the contract to build the Agamemnon, the sixth of seven Astute class attack submarines that will cost £1.4 billion.

DCNS Promotes Three Submarine Classes at IMDEX

DCNS, he supplier of the six new frigates recently joining the Singapore Navy has a massive presence at IMDEX. Among the company's leading product in the region are the Scorpene medium-size submarines, the most recent sub was delivered to the Malaysian Navy earlier this year. Six submarines are currently under construction for India. // // According to DCNS, the Scorpene...

Kockums Embarks on a Stealth Sub for the Swedish Navy

The Swedish Government has approved initiation of the design phase for the A26, a new generation submarines slated to replace the Gotland class submarines currently in service with the Royal Swedish Navy. The Swedish shipbuilder Kockums, that have specialized in maritime stealth designs, will be responsible for the new design, that will also have stealth capabilities. The new 1400 ton...

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