Four of 2016’s Ten Risk Hot Spots in Middle East, IHS Says

Four Middle Eastern conflicts are staring among the top 10 'hot spots' - the 'Top Risk Environments Report determines. The report, produced by IHS Country Risk, explores 10 of the major risk environments of 2016, with their likely impact and key indicators for change. “Four of the 10 risk hot spots for 2016 are in the Middle East,” said Keerti Rajan,...

Holy War Inflames Strategic Horn of Africa

The conflict between Somalia's transitional government and Islamic militants has escalated dangerously, as Islamist leaders threaten Jihad "holy war" against advancing government troops spearheaded by allied Ethiopian forces approaching Mogadishu, held since last June by Somalia Islamic Courts Council (SICC), also named Islamic Courts Union (ICU) alliance. The ICU seized the capital from U.S.-backed warlords, also taking control of...

Morocco Defense Update

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Umkhonto – Air Defense System

The vertically launched missile high velocity IR homing missile was designed for all-round defense against simultaneous air attacks from multiple combat aircraft, helicopters and missiles. Up to eight targets can be engaged by the naval system. The truck mounted land based system is equipped with a quad missile group, fitted with all associated subsystems. The missile is fired according...

Africom Repositioning Forces in Eastern Africa

The U.S. Africa Command (Africom) is repositioning forces in East Africa in an effort to attain maximum flexibility to respond to State Department requests, Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren said. Based on the current situation in South Sudan, Army Gen. David M. Rodriguez, the commander of Africom, moved elements from the Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response...

Hijacked vessels and Pirate Mothership Spotted by an Israeli Spy Satellite

All photos taken by Eros satellites, Copyright: Imagesat International.

Defeated in Iraq, Al Qaeda Migrates to Maghreb – Next Stop: Europe

The twin blasts that caused such devastation in Algeria this week posted a grim announcement that an Islamic group, once thought to have been defeated, is back in its bloody business. Poised to extend its ruthless tactics throughout North Africa, it is making the first stop towards its ultimate target - the European continent. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, (AQIM) is...

U.K. to Set Standards for Maritime Private Security Companies by the 2012 Year’s End

Private Security Companies operating in a maritime environment would be required to meet certain standards expected to be instated before the end of 2012, with accreditation process supported by independent agencies, also supporting accreditation for private security companies operating in Iraq and Afghanistan

Tunisia Defense Update

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Kenya Ethnic Chaos Could Provoke Al Qaeda Comeback

Kenya's sudden spiral into chaos after years being regarded as a regional stability in the turbulent Black African continent, will no doubt strike a heavy blow on the economies of a wide swathe of neighboring nations. But while the present scale of internecine violence came as quite a surprise, it was not the first time that this African nation...

Pirate Village Identified from Space

All photos by taken by Eros satellites, copyright: Imagesat International

South African OMC Quadruples Turnover After BAE Systems’ Acquisition

“Since BAE Systems purchased a major share in the company in 2004, Land Systems South Africa’s annual turnover has quadrupled from 300 million Rand (US$40.6 million) to over 1.2 billion Rand ($120 million) in 2006." said Johan Steyn, managing director of BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa. New contracts from the US Army and Sweden have helped BAE Systems...