NATO Establishes Core Geographic Services

An industry team led by Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEN) and ESRI will develop the Core Geographic Services project that will provide the baseline for the all the alliance's geospatial systems currently under development. This core will establish a common ground establishing the Geographic Information System (GIS) standards for effective and timely cooperation and collaboration between NATO staff, from the...

New Brimstone Demonstrates Enhanced CAS Responsiveness

MBDA's Brimstone air-to-surface missile has passed an operational evaluation by the Royal Air Force (RAF) that confirmed the performance of the weapon’s latest technical enhancements. These include a new warhead and propulsion system conforming to insensitive munitions (IM) standard and more robust airframe, improving the weapon's G loading and maneuverability.

Remotely Controlled Flail Assists Counter-IED, Demining Missions

MV4 flail robot demonstrates the destruction of UXO
The US Army has been using the M160 remotely controlled flail robot built by the Croatian company DOK-ING in Afghanistan for route clearance missions.

CMI Defence Shows Combat Vehicle’s Firepower

In a fire demonstration that took place on the Suippes firing range in Northern France last week CMI Defence displayed an impressive lineup of combat vehicles weaponized with the company’s latest versions of Cockerill turrets. The first Cockerill Firepower Symposium included a dynamic live firing demonstration, in front of dozens of military officers, official delegations and media representatives from...

Watchkeeper Heading to France for Operational Trials

The French Ministry of Defense plans to conduct an operational assessments and flight trials of the Thales Watchkeeper Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) beginning 2012

British MoD Gives Go-Ahead to Navy Carriers

The Ministry of Defence today gave industry the green light that it was ready to go-ahead with contract signature for the two new super aircraft carriers. Industry is now expected to press ahead with forming the joint venture company that will help build the carriers. The joint venture is expected to be formed by BAE Systems and VT Group...

German MOD Launches a € 430 million Euro Hawk

The German Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded a € 430 million ($559 million) contract to EuroHawk GmbH, a joint-venture company formed by Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) and EADS, for the development, test and support of the Euro Hawk unmanned signals intelligence (SIGINT) surveillance and reconnaissance system. The joint team will conduct integration and flight test activity in...

Skjold Surface Effect Ship

The Norwegian Navy has an operational requirement for operations over a long coastal line, in the Economic Exclusion Zone (EEZ) and in support of international operations. The Navy requires to operate a large number of vessels, equipped with relatively large weapons load. One of the systems that will take the challenge is the new 270 tons Skjold Surface Effect...

Watchkeeper’s First Flight

The Watchkeeper made its maiden flight on 16 April from Megiddo airfield in northern Israel. This unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is the first produced version of the Watchkeeper, based on the proven Elbit Systems' Hermes 450 platform, to meet the specific requirements of the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). The visual differences between the baseline Hermes 450 platform and Hermes 450B which represents the...

South Korea Selects the Taurus KEPD 350 Cruise Missile

South Korea will likely buy the Taurus KEPD 350 long-range air-to-surface cruise missiles next year. Seoul is seeking to equip the next batch of fighter aircraft it intends to buy with the new missile.

Supporting Europe’s Missile defense Initiative, U.S. Navy to Position Four AEGIS ships in Rota, Spain

The U.S. Navy is relocating four AEGIS ships to the port of Rota in spain. These ships will support the initial phase of NATO's missile defense effort, with additional responsibilities for activities in the Mediterranean Basin, the Atlantic Ocean and provide rapid and responsive support to the U.S. Africa and U.S. Central Commands.

Barracuda UAS Demonstrates Networked Multi-UAS Missions in Canada

Cassidian has successfully carried out a series of test flights with its Barracuda UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) technology demonstrator at Goose Bay military test range in Canada. In the past month Barracuda testbed completed five test flights under the 'Agile UAV in a Network Centric Environment' (Agile UAV-NCE) program.

Thales introduces AESA based maritime surveillance airborne radar

Thales has unveiled today the a new version of the Searchmaster multirole surveillance radar equipped with active electronic scanning antenna (AESA) technology.

Kockums Embarks on a Stealth Sub for the Swedish Navy

The Swedish Government has approved initiation of the design phase for the A26, a new generation submarines slated to replace the Gotland class submarines currently in service with the Royal Swedish Navy. The Swedish shipbuilder Kockums, that have specialized in maritime stealth designs, will be responsible for the new design, that will also have stealth capabilities. The new 1400 ton...