Engine flameout blamed for Colombian Kfir crash

The Colombian Air Force (FAC) has reportedly grounded its entire fleet of Kfir C-10 jet fighters following a crash of one of the aircraft. According to Colombian sources, the J79-GE J1EQD engines powering the Kfir are believed to have caused four accidents involving the Kfir TC12/C10, in a series of accidents that claimed the life of one pilot.

Brazil’s FX-2 – Time for Decision

The announcement of the winner to provide the next generation fighter for the Brazilian Air Force has been postponed for at least a month, and could be delayed for a year, after the ministry of interior and prosecution have agreed to open an inquiry into the multi-billion-dollar tender in which France, the United States and Sweden are competing. The...

Tech Transfer, Local Partnership Critical for F-X2 Win

Brazil is currently shopping for 28 single-seaters and eight twin-seaters. The primary mission is air defense, with a secondary ground-attack role. Initial deliveries are expected in 2014 with the total program spanning over 11 years. Eventually, 115 to 120 aircraft could be bought and assembled in country. Brazil hasn't asked for the bidder's consideration for the follow-on production, but...

Chilean Air Force Opt for Brazilian Super Tucano Trainers

After Brazil and Columbia, Chile becomes the third Latin-American Country to fly the Brazilian Super-Tucano Trainer Following the selection of the Brazilian Super Tucano in a public bid held by the Chilean Air Force (FACH), the Air Force will field 12 aircraft for tactical training missions. According to the contract signed between FACH and Embraer, the aircraft manufacturer, the first...

Brazilian Defense Forces, Iveco to Unveil New APC at LAAD

// After a long delay the Brazilian Army APC replacement program is moving forward, with the formal unveiling of the 'Armored Personnel Carrier - Medium' (VBTP-MR) full scale mockup at the Latin-America Aerospace & Defense (LAAD) exhibition taking place in Rio de Janeiro this week. The vehicle is positioned to replace the country's indigenous 6x6 armored vehicles,...

Boeing-Embraer Tighten KC-390 Cooperation

The growing cooperation between Boeing and Embraer on the Brazilian KC-390 programme. According to this agreement Boeing will lead sales, marketing, training and sustainment of the KC-390 in selected markets. I-HLS reports. Boeing and the Brazilian company Embraer have expanded the technical agreement signed in the spring of 2012. The two companies have agreed to expand their cooperation, with Boeing becoming responsible...

Brazil Launches KC-390 Medium Transport Aircraft Program

// Embraer has signed a US$1.3 billion contract with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) for the KC-390 military transport aircraft program. In a ceremony held yesterday (April 14) at the LAAD exhibition the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and Brazil's aerospace manufacturer Embraer launched the KC-390 medium weight transport aircraft program. The new jet, will replace some 22...

Bird Expands Special Mission Aircraft Capabilities

BIRD Aerosystems will enhance the performance of ASIO SMA already operated by the customer, by upgrading their Mission Management System (MSIS), adding sensor enhancements, and improving connectivity and data sharing within the task force.

Israeli C4I, ISR solutions meet Brazilian requirements

LAAD 2015 Report: Israel offers C4I solutions to Brazil

Elbit Wins a Third Latin-American Order for Hermes 900

Elbit Systems has won a new contract worth tens of millions of US$ to supply a new Latin American customer with a mixed fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles including the Hermes 900 and Hermes 450 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The company is expected to deliver the systems by 2014.

Rafael Invests in a Brazilian Aerospace Company

The Israeli defense company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems announced the acquisition of a 40% stake in the Brazilian aerospace company GESPI Aeronautics, deepening its position in the growing Brazilian homeland security and defense market.

Embraer Enters Unmanned Vehicles Market through Partnership with Elbit Systems, Santos Lab

Embraer Defense and Security division (Embraer Defesa e Segurança S.A) has entered into a strategic agreement with AEL Sistemas S.A ("AEL"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems. The two companies have yet to define the specific programs to be pursued but, according to officials from the two companies, the main goals of the current cooperation will be the...

Hermes 900 UAV Wins First Export Sale

Elbit Systems reported today the first export sale of its Hermes 900 UAV to a customer in Latin America (although the identity of the country has not been confirmed, the country is believed to be Chile). The UAV system selected by Chile also includes DCoMPASS payload systems and an unidentified radar systems.

Research: With 150 New Submarines to be Built until 2021, the Submarine Market Seems to be on Solid Ground

The military submarine market is expected to continue growing in a modest pace through the second decade of the 21st century, as naval forces are inducting modern, more capable submarines, designed for extended operational missions at sea.