What hides behind the mission of the Nikolai Filchenkov

An Assessment solving the Syrian crisis - By David Eshel According to latest reports from Russia, the large Landing Ship - Tanks (LST) Nikolai Filchenkov from the Russian Black Sea Fleet is on its way to the East Mediterranean, probably set for the docks at the Russian naval base Tartus, Syria. Having taken on board an unspecified "special cargo" at the...

Orbiter – a Big Family of Small UAS

Unlike the larger and heavier drones that operate like manned aircraft and are bound to airfields or other complex launch and retrieval systems, small UAS are optimized to work and support operators at the tactical level. Aeronautics' Orbiter family of Mini UAS (MUAS) and Small Tactical UAS (STUAS) is designed specifically for those missions.

US Army Deploys the Iron Dome to Guam

The US Army is deploying one of the new Iron Dome batteries to Guam, to be tested as part of the Island's defense against cruise missiles. This deployment is far away from the hot spots in Syria and Iraq, where US forces suffer repeated attacks and could use Iron Dome's combat-proven capabilities to defeat missiles and drone attacks.

IAI’s Growth Engines Revving Up with Indian Partners

As Israel’s largest aerospace and defense enterprise, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is positioned as a leading player in the global defense, security, and commercial aerospace market. “The fusion between our military and commercial activities is one of the things that sets us apart from the competition, and I believe that the balance between these two fields will become more...

IAI To Produce, Market Zibar Offroad Vehicles

IAI acquires the manufacturing operations of the Zibar offroad tactical vehicle, designed and built by Israeli offroad entrepreneur Ido Cohen. The Z family activities being acquired include the Zibar, Zmag – a light version of the platform, and ZED – the armored off-road vehicle. IAI ELTA will design and produce the vehicles in its manufacturing site in Beer Sheva, where RAM vehicles are currently built. The company plans to adapt and configure the vehicles for military and homeland defense applications, and now, acting as the vehicle design authority will be well-positioned to address specific customer requirements.

Israel Air Force to Deploy an Upgraded Iron-Dome System ‘Within Weeks’

The first upgraded Iron Dome unit is scheduled for delivery to the Israel Air Force 'within weeks', following a successful series of intercepts where the system demonstrated the enhanced capabilities against advanced threats.
The Defense Research and Development Division of the Ministry of Defense successfully completed trials testing the upgraded operational capability of the 'Iron Dome' system. In the past few days, the Israel's Missile Defense Organization (IMDO)has been carrying out a series of previously scheduled trials.

Iron Dome – Beyond the Pillar of Defense

The Iron Dome anti-rocket system proved its worth at Operation Pillar of Defense, successfully intercepting 85 percent of its intended targets (over 400 rockets that would have otherwise hit inside populated areas). What is the way forward for the system? How it would affect the military balance with the Palestinians, Hezbollah and beyond?

Advanced Tank Ammunition

New trends in tank ammunition also reflect the shift from full scale high intensity wars to low intensity, asymmetric conflicts. More range, higher precision and controlled lethality are the guidelines of new developments of tank munitions. Several new products shown at Eurosatory 2006 already indicated these changes. ATK displayed the Mid-Range Munition (MRM), a precision guided KE round, combining precision guidance...

FIREFLY – Miniature “Video Grenade”

FIREFLY, under development at RAFAEL is a miniature intelligence gathering projectile weighing 145g and launched from a standard M203 grenade launcher. The projectile is designed as a sub-caliber munition, 38mm in diameter and 155mm in length. When launched over a typical 600-m range, FIREFLY flies an 8-second flight, and transmits real-time photos of the area lying directly below. FIREFLY...

Black Fox: Thermal Stealth Suite for Combat Vehicles

Thermal stealth technology being developed by the Israeli company Eltics promises to render military vehicles, combat helicopters and even entire naval surface ships invisible to thermal imaging surveillance sensors, targeting systems or missile seekers employing thermal sensors. The patented system, dubbed 'Black Fox' is designed to be applied as an add-on layer, on top of existing armor, or be embedded into...

Conformal Airborne Early Warning (CAEW) – IAF Nachshon

G500 / 550 Special Mission Aircraft - IAF/ Gulfstream On September 19, 2006 the Israel Air Force (IAF) received its first of three Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) platform. The remaining two are scheduled for delivery in 2007 and 2008. In Israel, the aircraft will be fitted with the airborne radar system, electronic support measures (ESM) and communications equipment to support the...

Egypt Defense Update

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Enter the Namer

An update on the Merkava based Infantry Fighting Vehicle “For 38 years we produced only tanks, but in the last two years we have expanded into a family of vehicles, with the development and production of the Namer IFV." Brigadier general Yaron Livnat, Merkava Tank Program Manager (PM) told Defense Update. "The Mk 4 entered service four years after its...

Heron MALE System – Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAV

The Heron (Mahatz) MALE UAV system has been developed by IAI / Malat, to carry out strategic reconnaissance and surveillance. Initially deployed with the Indian defense forces, for high altitude land surveillance and maritime patrol missions, the Heron has been acquired by the Israel Air Force and Turkish defense Forces, for similar applications. In May 2005 IAI announced the Turkish...