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Russian Fighters Fly High at MAKS 2015

Facing the pressure of economic sanctions imposed by Western countries, the Russian civilian aviation market has experienced reduced business volume, due to dropping demand from domestic airlines. Against this background the military aviation market took center stage at the MAKS 2015 airshow at Zhukhovsky near Moscow, Russia. Despite the absence of new military aircraft, Russian manufacturers unveiled a number of new systems and capabilities at the airshow, positioned as the largest aerospace event of the Eastern bloc.

Net Centric Air Defense Systems

Start < Page 4 of 4 > Many armies are currently modernizing their air defense assets. Current systems are obsolete today, as they rely on armament...

Silent Eagle F-15SE

The Joint Strike Fighter is expected to suffer another, yet unexpected blow, with the Boeing Company introduction of a new version of the...

New Radars, Targeting Pods to Enhance Singapore’s Airpower – Singapore Airshow 2008

The inaugural Singapore Airshow was held from the 19 – 24 February 2008 at a brand new show site at Changi North. The new...
Adm. James Sravridis, US Navy

Naval, Air Attacks Directed at Gaddafi’s Remaining Arsenal

Sweden could be joining the operation soon, with eight Gripen fighters. The Swedish government is expected to approve the mission on Friday, following a formal request from NATO. Sweden is leading the ‘Nordic Battlegroup’ rapid reaction force, to which the F17 fighter squadron at Kallinge is assigned.

F-35I ADIR – Mission Autonomy, Stealth to Transform Air Warfare in the Middle East,

The first two F-35s expected to land in Israel next week will be the first 5th Generation jet fighters the U.S. hands out to a foreign ally. The two ADIR Jets are only the beginning. Over the next eight years, Israel will receive 50 aircraft forming two full ADIR squadrons flying the F-35. The unique capabilities of the new fighter will provide the Israel Air Force a game-changing platform that has not been seen in the region since the introduction of the F-15 Eagle (by the IAF), 40 years ago.

Singapore Air Show 2012 Photo Report

Elbit Systems is showing the Hermes with a full range of sensors, including the AMPS, a heavy, high resolution EO payload providing Highly detailed...

Paris Air Show 2015: Military and Defense Technology Trends to Follow

A superficial look at the 51st Salon la Bourget may give the impression that this year's Air Show is all about civil and commercial aviation. Take a closer look at the aisles and the static park, look under the wings or below some innocent looking planes, and you will realize that military aerospace is still 'in.'