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Cyber Intelligence Report – February 20, 2014

In this edition: UK targeted Anonymous with cyber-terrorism tactics | The Syrian Electronic Army hacks Forbes.com website | IDF reveals five-year plan | Edward Snowden used low-cost tool to belittle NSA | Internet security concerns at Sochi Olympic Games | Israel - A growing cyber nation | Singapore welcomes new Israel Aerospace Industry cyber R&D center | Saudis could face five-year jail term and up to $800,000 fines for sending offensive tweets | German government and intelligence services accused of involvement in NSA affair...

Brits Testing 2012 London Olympic Security on a Week-Long Exercise

Preparation for the Olympic Games is at full swing in the UK. On the security side, preparations for the event are underway as the Royal Navy, Marines, Army and Air Force are embarking on a full-scale exercise testing their pals, readiness and integration in an eight-day military exercise called Olympic Guardian.

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