US Army To Test Smart Munitions on UAVs


The US Army is conducting flight testing of an armed version of the IAI/TRW Hunter unmanned Aerial Vehicle, as part of evaluations of an armed UAV  concept. This method of operation was already proven successful in Afghanistan, when general Atomics Predator  UAVs, operated by the CIA and the US Air Force, have fired Hellfire missiles from high altitude.

According to a recent announcement, TRW Inc. was awarded contract to test the the Brilliant Anti-Tank (BAT) Submunitions on a Hunter unmanned aerial vehicle. The company is also demonstrating the employment of IAI/MBT Lahat laser guided missile from a UAV. Hunter will be tested with a complement of two weapons, one under each wing, allowing the operator to release them on command.

Improved Brilliant Anti-Tank munitions (BAT) seen in the terminal attack phase, as it homes in to attack the top deck of a tank target. These munitions are homing on the target's acoustic, thermal and milimetric-wave radar signatures. BATs are planned for deployment in advanced ATACAM missiles. (Image: Northrop Grumman).