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Since 1978 Defense-Update has been trusted by defense professional like you to provide balanced, unbiased, unduplicated and trustworthy information, easily accessible at an affordable cost. Since 2004 we have been offering this information online free of charge, and open to all. In 2012 we have expanded our focus to include more features, wider news coverage, deeper analysis, and rich multimedia content – all made available to subscribers through Defense-Update Member Services. Now we pledge our loyal readers to continue and support us in expanding this service by joining the ‘Defense-Update Member Services’ program. Subscription provides members an access to all Defense-Update editorial content and distribution means published by Defense-Update including:

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With subscriptions priced $7.95/month, we are confident this small fee will help maintain Defense-Update growth. With your support we promise to keep up the dedication which has brought us here, to maintain the highest quality, depth of coverage and platform innovation. If you feel you have reached this page by error, you may have tried to view content reserved for subscribers only, such as special features, commentary, news analysis, larger photos, charts, or video. You are invited to join our subscribers to discover more of what Defense-Update offers. To subscribe, simply click on the ‘subscribe‘ button below. If you would like to cancel your subscription for any reason you will be able to do that anytime, on your Paypal account, or just drop us an email at editor[at] Thank you again for your support! Tamir Eshel Editor, Defense-Update


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