Visual Stealth for F-16?


After two years of development of digital camouflage pattern application for military aircraft HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp\ is now ready to apply the KA2 camouflage scheme on an F-16 fighter. According to HyperStealth’s President and CEO, Guy Cramer, the application will be painted on the Royal Jordanian Air Force F-16 fighters, following successful testing on Blackhawk helicopters. The test will be conducted as part of a comprehensive camouflage program commissioned by His Majesty, King Abdullah II of Jordan (shown on the right, wearing the new uniform in the picture below).

Under this program, advanced digital KA2 camouflage patterns were developed for the Jordan Armed Forces, Police, Customs and Counter Terrorism Battalion. The KA2 camouflage pattern uses digital fractal patterns which were proven to be more difficult to detect than traditional (analog) camouflage patterns. KA2 design are already used with combat uniform issued to Jordanian troops (shown below). Similar patterns were also tested on weapons, complementing a complete set of urban camouflage suit. Other tests were carried out with vehicle camouflage, using vehicle wrap technology developed by 3M Commercial Graphics division. Similar materials were used to wrap UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. The complex KA2 pattern is now considered for the F-16 fighter making the Kingdom of Jordan the first in the world to use this advanced visual mitigation method.