CornerShot is a special purpose weapon, designed specifically for “round the corner” fire engagements. The weapon is composed of a forward swiveled pistol mount, attached to a specially designed gun frame. The frame has a video display that can be flipped into viewing position, while the pistol and the camera attached and adjusted to its line of fire are exposed around the corner.

This weapon was designed for SWAT and Special Forces operations, where missions frequently require entering into a space occupied by armed hostiles. This weapon can safely eliminate such hostiles by accurate fire, without exposing the assault team to enemy fire. According to CornerShot, the company also designed a version of the weapon that can fit an automatic assault weapon such as an M-16 but this version was not displayed yet.

A derivative of the system is also developed for anti-tank weapons. A first impression of such design was on display by Dynamit Nobel at Eurosatory 2004. The system enables target acquisition and firing thePanzerfaust anti-tank rocket system, behind obstacles, where the weapon is aimed at the target exposed, while the operator controls it around a corner or protected by a wall or other barrier. In 2006, Cornershot launched an assault rifle version of the weapon.